Obituary: Ellen Brumpton

. EMN-160620-091952001
. EMN-160620-091952001

The funeral service for Ellen Brumpton, 83, of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were made by J Marshall.

Ellen was born at Saxby Lowlands, Saxby by Spridlington.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs T Norton (daughter and son-in-law); Mrs J Will (daughter, also rep Mr G Will, son-in-law); Miss T Brumpton (daughter); Ms D Richardson (daughter); Mr and Mrs D Norton (grandson and wife); Mr J Will (grandson, also rep Mr R Will and Miss N Will, grandson and granddaughter); Mr D Brumpton (grandson); Miss E Richardson (granddaughter, also rep Mr D Richardson, grandson); Mr M Richardson and Mr I Shackleton; Mr H Richards (brother); Sarah Wells (niece); Peter Castle (great-nephew, also rep Louise Castle and family).

Friends at the service were: Sheila Hodds (also rep Margaret Whitworth); Arthur Quibell (also rep Julian Sellars); Vanessa Humphries (also rep the family); Frank Fieldsend; Arthur and Nancy Robinson (also rep the Robinson family); Mrs M Sanders; Karen Taylor; Caroline Stamp; Betty Foster; John Warwick (also rep Mr and Mrs Brian Thompson); Christine Whitwell; Lindsey and Nigel Chambers; M Armes; Maurice and Pat Higham; Peter Thornton (also rep Sean Jackson); Mr R Parrott (also rep Mavis Brant); Mr and Mrs J Shaw; Jane Panton (also rep Ernest West); Linda Marshall (also rep Roy); W Green; Shirley Hewson (also rep John, Simon and Nicola); J Langley (also rep the family); Celia Lancaster (also rep Mr and Mrs R Lancaster); Mr and Mrs H Jackson ; Mr and Mrs E Lambie; Mrs Bunn; Anthony Batty; Isobel Hildred; tephen Beacock; John Fox; Chris Middleton; Derek Edwards (also rep Kay Brumpton); Jane Lowne; Mr and Mrs J Atkin (also rep Susan Sheldon); Brian Bonner (also rep Mrs B Thombs); Mrs P Carlton; Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Mr and Mrs Jack Palmer; Doris Childs; Mr and Mrs Richardson; Pauleen Perkins; Mick Perkins; Sue Dean; Brian and Carol Ashley; Kay Chambers; Christine Jabu; Lorraine James; Fiona Marris; Ken Parrott; Karen Husak; Lesley Richards; Mrs E Neave; Christine Neave; Michael Brown; Joan Bennett; Sandra Lancaster; Stewart Lancaster; Sheila Lancaster; Pauline Forway; Sandra Tindall; Tina Dixon; Peter and Jamie Dixon; Douglas Brown; Mrs B Pyttlik; Jackie Rhoades; Matthew Lambie (also rep Jossals); Rex Saunby (also rep Joan Saunby); Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra (also rep Shirley and Lisa Norman); Roy and Jen Stimson.