OBITUARY: Eileen Mary Downing

The funeral service for Eileen Mary Downing of Caistor was held at St Mary’s Church Rothwell.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J W Varlow & Son of Caistor.

Eileen was a wonderful mother, grandmother, auntie and friend.

Immediate mourners were: Duane and Amanda Downing (son and daughter-in-law); Gail and Mark Hooker, Janine and Peter Revai (daughters and sons-in-law); Lewis Hamilton, Bradley Hamilton (grandsons); Emma Frances, Shae Revai, Ann Downing, Bethany Downing (granddaughters); Jason Hooker; Georgina and Clifford Richards (sister and brother-in-law); John Chuck (nephew).

Others present in the congregation were: Richard Chuck; Mr C and Mrs P Butters (rep Caroline); Vicki Nichols; Helen Wesson; Mr and Mrs E Hassle; David Naylor; Anita Johnson (rep family); Doreen Hooker; Mrs Clark (rep Mr Clark); Mr and Mrs J G Calaby; Mr and Mrs Elkington; Mrs S Noel-Hiles; Mr D Morton; Mr and Mrs Michael (rep Denise); Mrs A Chuck; Mr T and Mrs M May (rep Karen Jebson, Cornwhaite Family - Canada); Tracy Chuck; Miss K Swallow; Sandra Swallow (rep David Harrison); David Swallow; Vicki Swallow; Karen Hills (rep Helena Twell); Ann Mumby (rep John); Mr and Mrs Scott (rep family); Jean Ainson (rep family); Les Scott (rep family); Kim Robinson (rep Dave); Derek Chuck; Miss S Ingley; Miss D Ingley; Freddie Smith; Mr and Mrs M Rojahn; Mr L Jacklin; Mr S and Mrs J Jacklin; Mrs H Ringelholtz (rep Trevor Hodgson); Mr and Mrs Best; Mr and Mrs P Ogden (rep M Hogdon); Mr J Hacney; Mr S and Mrs N Starbuck; Anne Hassle; Ron Brocklesby; Mrs T Woodridge; Mr K Woodridge; Mr S and Mrs J Critten; Vic Pinder (rep Jamie, Gavin); Tina Weldraite; Jayne Crow (rep Graham Crow); Diane Kelly (rep Anthony Kelly, Geoff and Janice - Cumberland); Jack and Shirley Twigger; Mr and Mrs Dannatt (rep family); Wendy Wells (rep Rosie Suddaby); Maggie Chambers (rep Pearl Waterman); Brenda Stanfield (rep family); Wendy Kireia (rep Ivan); Caroline Montgomery; Ken Hardy; Gail Hardy; Lisa Plaskitt (rep Will Plaskitt); Sharon Kemp; Linda Mason (rep Raymond Mason); Diane Mitchell (rep Alice Plaskitt); Samantha Kirk; Melissa Chuck; Simone Williams; Jane Fields (rep Ken Plaskitt); Mr and Mrs G Plaskitt; Mrs P Taylor; Miss T A Taylor; Nicki Marshall; Pauline Larder (rep Dot Smith); Mrs Cearnes (rep Mrs McKay); Tony Lowe; Lisa Pyle (rep Caistor Post office); Stuart Davis (rep Christine Davis, Graham Davis, Paul Dobson); Mr L Scott; Margaret Hilton; Robert Chuck; Anne-Marie Chuck; James Chuck; Jean Chuck; Mr and Mrs A Cooling (rep John Cooling and family); Alan Hooker; Michael and Maureen Suddaby; Angela Clark; Mary Gaughan; Jean Mumby; Derek and Jean Thacker; Lee and Deborah Swallow (rep Mark Swallow, Joanne Swallow, Oliver and Leanne Swallow, William and Katie Swallow); Joanne Chuck; Michael Chuck; Mr and Mrs Winfield; Colin and Olive Rhodes; Katherine Overton (rep Terry Overton); Lesley Kireja (rep Phillip); Patrick Kireja; David and Catherine Altoft; Mr and Mrs Pitts; Mr and Mrs Tony Richards; Mr and Mrs Ian Massie; Donna Dyas; Shaun Manion; Anne Hassall and Mick; Mr and Mrs Best.