Obituary - Duncan Sinclair

Duncan Sinclair
Duncan Sinclair

8th April, 1911 – 10th January , 2011

THE death was recently announced of Duncan Sinclair, farmer from Caistor. Duncan was a native of the Isle of Islay, Argyll; he farmed two different farms in Scotland, one on Islay and one in Stirlingshire, before coming to Lincolnshire in 1958.

Farming was his life and he had few interests outside his family and his farm. His arrival in Lincolnshire, by train, with his cattle, sheep and farm implements caused quite a stir in the locality and was featured on the televised early evening news.

Duncan employed numerous young men as helpers over the past 50 or so years, none more faithful, considerate and hard working than his helpmate at the time of his death, Peter Harwood. Peter came to work for Duncan straight from school and remained in his employment from then until now. Their association was about to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Duncan broke his arm in a fall in May 2009 and needed 24-hour care from then until his death. He was fortunate indeed to have as one of his carers a Romanian national, Andrei Anuta. Andrei was a safety net for Duncan during his more mobile days and his legs during his latter days. No one showed more patience and compassion to a person in their care than Andrei.

Duncan lived from the age of steam-powered vehicles to the age of mobile communication. It was his fervent wish to be able to operate a mobile telephone, a task he never quite mastered... but by then he was 97 years of age.

Duncan may not have mastered the art of electronic communication but he was a farmer first and last. Few will equal his tenacity.

Family and friends who attended the funeral: Margaret and Brian Lundy, Jean and Paul Lucas, Doreen and Ian Wright (daughters and sons-in-law); Fiona and Jonathon Lintin (rep Heather and Lindsey Steffens), Mark Lundy and Lavehanna (rep Api and Hamish Lundy), James Lucas and Jennifer Mole, Indie and Tilly, David, Sue and Annabel Lucas (grandchildren and great-grandchildren); Donald and Linda Logan (nephew and niece).

Lindsay Brown; Peter Harwood; Andrei Anuta; Mr and Mrs A Wright; Mr and Mrs C R Hansard (Hansard Haulage, also rep Mr and Mrs Les Wilkinson); Mr and Mrs R Deboik; Mrs E Grieve (rep Pauline Johnson); Nancy Barr-Bridgeman; Bobby Turner, John Turner; Mr C Blackburn; Aubrey Smith; Keith Smith; Mike Costa (Rix Petroleum); Richard Alderson (rep Mrs Alderson); Mr and Mrs Tom Rutherford; Mr and Mrs A Dodds; Mrs G Wilson (rep Mr K Wilson); Mr J Walker; Mr and Mrs J Smith; Mr and Mrs R Mumby; Mr Mason Cole (rep Rose Cole); Mrs E Dryden; Julie Jackson (rep Charles Jackson); Beryl Armstrong; Mr and Mrs Derek Fell; Susie Heath; Suzanne Dunning (rep Mr J Dunning); Andrew Turner and Stacy Pawson; Mrs Chris Barney; Janet Callanan and Bryan Allison; Mr and Mrs Robert Turner; Tom Welton (Thornton Animal Feeds); Chrissie Booth; Freda Horton; Mr and Mrs Louis King, Mr and Mrs K Darnill and Nassia Fulcher; Jean Threlfall; Mrs C Balderson; Ron Barr (South Kelsey); Mr and Mrs K Knapton; Joyce Rhodes; Mr and Mrs David Bryant (rep Mr and Mrs Adams); Mrs B Fraser (rep Mr S Fraser and Eileen Burnett); Horace Heath and Bob Heath; Brenda Coulson (rep Coulson Family); David King (rep Arthur King); Paul Hannath; Keith Birch (rep Mrs A Birch); Helen Herring (rep Mr Wm Herring); Mary Gaughan; Mr R Fox; Annika Keelan (rep Mr L Keelan); Pat Woodcock (rep Neville Woodcock, Birch Family and Miss K Smith); Pat Burton; Colin Siddle and Mr Stuart Benn (Allied Healthcare); Rachael Crowder (rep Simon Crowder); Mr and Mrs W Blackmore (rep Clare Blackmore); Joan Wright (rep Wright Family); Jane Crisp (rep Arundell Family); Quintin Parker snr and daughter Jean; Doris Woodall.