Obituary: Doreen McNaughton Wright

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. EMN-170927-082215001

A service for Doreen McNaughton Wright (65) took place at Caistor Methodist Church followed by Committal at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by the Rev Sarah Parker

Family mourners attending were: Ian Wright (husband); Jean Lucas (sister); Margaret Lundy (sister, also rep Heather Steffens, niece; Mark, Api Lavehamma and Hamish, nephew and family; Jessie Harper, Margaret Rose Sinclair-Smith, Ann Lilias Sinclair, Davy Michell and Donald-John and Norma Sinclair, all cousins; also Emmie A Hancock USA, Gill Allan, Morris and Pamela Singleton, Colin and Donna Deas and Gaynor Colburn); Brian Lundy (brother-in-law); Paul Lucas (brother-in-law); Andrew Wright (brother-in-law); Denise Wright (sister-in-law); Kath Wright (sister-in-law); Audrey Dixon (also rep Alec Dixon, uncle); Paul Wright (nephew); James Wright (nephew); David and Sue Lucas (nephew and wife); Jim and Jennifer Lucas (nephew and wife); Matt Wright and Sarah (nephew and wife); Emma and Marc Lightfoot (niece and husband); Fiona and John Linton (niece and husband, also rep Emma Parker and Louise Cox); Irene McGrath (cousin); Gill and Mark Hard (cousin); Phil Read and Jin Wiles with Penny (Doreen‘s dog).

Others attending were: Mr and Mrs E Green; Geoffrey and Catherine Meace; Andy and Alison Lacey; Andrew and Wendy Davey; Kim and Trish Hodson; Quintin and Jackie Parker; Che and Jo Graves; Geoff and Bev Fulcher; Ricky and Fran Keenan; Kevin and Melanie Over; Dennis and Lynn Hall; Roger and Sue De Boick; Mr and Mrs K Darnill; Rob and Sarah Griffin; Eric and Sarah Kearns; John and Viv Pepper; Anthony and Sally Hoyle (also rep Owen and Orianne Du Beclat); Karl Hall; Ramesh Mayak; Ray Wylie,;Terry Oswin; Mark Bates; Stuart Williams; Peter McKenzie Brown; Adam Keightley; Allen Cooper; Lorenzo Leronimo; Giovanni Leronimo; Peter Harwood; Paul Pilkington; Bryan Allison; Peter Taylor; Donald Cunningham; Jack Shaw; Simon Crowder; David King; Phil Cocks; Jonathan Hancock; Louis King (also rep Robina King); Julian Anyan (also rep Mark Cottam); Stephen Gilby (also rep Julie Gilby); David Bryant (also rep Amber Bryant); Giles Johnston (also rep DDM Agriculture); Ashley Smilie; Nassia Fulcher; Stephanie Wells; Sandra Harker; Dawn Keenan; Jan Kendrick; Joyce Rhodes; Emma Jackson; Mandy Inchley; Sophie Wrisdale; Carla Clarkson; Doris Woodall; Susan McCann; Nancy Barr; Alisia Leronimo; Samantha Kirkby; Jill Carr; Alisha Oswin; Jan Callanan; Joanna Robinson; Tracy Altoft; Kerry Gibney; Heather Fry; Nicky Greenwood; Ellie Fulcher; Maggie Hull; Patricia Ryan; Eugenie Ryan; Pamela Eaton; Sue Thomas; Pat Woodcock; Ann Fry (also rep Dave Walker); Emily Crofts (also rep Kara); Lynice Hall (also rep Frankie); Ros Thompson (also rep Jean Belt); Helen Herring (also rep Bill Herring); Lucy Taylor (also rep Louise Bates); Monica Hansard (also rep Richard Hansard); Elaine Sadler (also rep Kay Sadler and Eve Sadler Wright); Caroline Foulston (also rep Emma Stewart and Georgia Atkinson).

Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes.