Obituary: David Woodall

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The funeral for retired farmer and haulier David Woodall, aged 74 of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Elizabeth Woodall (wife); Linda and Paul Stimson (daughter and son-in-law); Richard and Melissa Woodall (son and daughter-in-law); Emma, James, Victoria (grandchildren); Mark Alsop; Ashley Ward; Jack and Pat Woodall (brother and sister-in-law); Peggy and Jim Feather, Walter and Billie Bee, Diane and Pete Moyes, Doris Woodall, Robert Woodall (brothers and sisters-in-law); Susanne Dixon and Tim Dray (niece and partner); Steven and Lesley Dixon, Michael Woodall, Julie and Clare Woodall, Rachel and Alan Cottingham, Maggie and Paul Mills, Christopher, Kevin and Russel Moyes, Andrew and Gillian Bee (nephews and nieces); Helen Bee (niece, rep relatives in Australia).

Other family members and friends: Mark, Simon and Sarah Jane Woodall; Natalie Palmer Bee; Alisha Burton Bee; Brian and Pam Smith; Mary and George Sunley; Aggie and Syd Joyce.

Friends at the service were: Jean Threlfall; Eileen Grieve; Roy Tomlinson; Stuart Curtis (also rep Amanda Curtis and family); Eric and Carol Dixon (also rep Nigel Hall); Mr and Mrs D W Johnson; Carol and James Cole; Simon Cole; Linda Waters; Mr and Mrs Stimson; Mr R J Vickers (also rep Mrs R J Vickers and family); Mr and Mrs J Emmerson; Jennifer Thornally; John Windeger; Richard Hansard; Mrs Frankish (also rep Kevin and family); Barbara Baker; Christine Wall (also rep Brian Wall); John and Shirley Adlard; Stephen Adlard; Mr and Mrs R Tyson; Jill Tyson; Pat Paramore; Mrs E Wilkinson (also rep Mr L Wilkinson); Louise McCullagh; Mr and Mrs B Burton; Tony Smith; Caron Tyson; Barry Tyson; Rebecca, Beth and Ross Tyson; Jenna Coulton; Mr and Mrs J Thomson; Tony Dale (DDM); June Hare; Mr and Mrs Peter Wright (also rep Charles Wright); Alan Dixon; Richard Branch (also rep IFM); R and C Smith; Ian Wilmot (also rep Wilmot Transport); Mr and Mrs Curtis; M Garfoot (also rep C Fox); Trish England and family; Mr and Mrs J Bates (also rep S Bates, Mrs C Houlden); Mr P C Smith; D Brumby (also rep C Bates); I Couling (also rep Keith); Sue Robinson; Mr and Mrs G Barnard; Mr and Mrs A Bates; Carol Cauanagh; David Griffin; Coleen Martin; H Bates; M Surfleet; John Semple (also rep Mr and Mrs T Semple, Mr and Mrs R Semple); Mr Whitehead; Mrs B Rhodes; Ella Starling (also rep George); Paul Streets; Mr and Mrs J Wright (also rep Jane Wright); Pat Grant; Ms Law.