Obituary: David Winston Whitwell

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. EMN-171104-080626001

The funeral service for David Whitwell, aged 76 years of Kirkby cum Osgodby, was held at St Thomas’s Church, Market Rasen.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born in Osgodby, David had been an agricultural worker, until his retirement in 2005.

Family mourners were: Pam Whitwell (wife); Rodney and Heather Whitwell; Charles and Sylvia Cade; John and Barbara Cade; Stephen and Ginny Cade; David Dray and Michelle; Tim Dray and Suzanne; Adam and Rachel Whitwell; John and Christine Whitwell; James Whitwell; Adam and Rachel Whitwell; Andrew Cade; Paul and Kerry Cade (also rep Lilly); Sarah Rands; Becky Farmery; Alistair Farmery; Craig Farmery; Pat Westonholme; Heather Dray; Yvonne Mumby; Rachel Dray; Chris Cade (also rep Matthew Cade, Gemma Cade, Nikki Bromley and Sue Blackshaw); Catherine Combs; Sarah Rands; Carol and Michael Dawson

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs B Dannatt (also rep the family; Steve and Jenny Woollas; Mrs M Sanders (also rep Pete and Sandra Scott); Janet Goodyear; Ian Wilmot (also rep Hall Farm); Mrs K Appleyard; Mrs H Mumby; Mr and Mrs J Thompson (also rep Mr and Mrs M E Thompson); Gay Smith; Mr and Mrs Des Goulsbra (also rep Shirley Norman); Judy Storr (also rep Sandy); Mr C Strange; Bernice Locking; Marilyn Hubbert; Mr C R Green; Mrs C Cade; Mr and Mrs Morgan; M Iremonger (also rep Mr and Mrs R Boughton); Roy Harvey; Graham Griggs; Loretta Rivett; Pat Woodcock; Sally Twigg; Richard Firth (also rep Godfrey Hide); Pearl and David Islip (also rep Sheila Collins); Cath and Tom Bumford; Mrs J Sellers (also rep Peter); Arthur Quibell (also rep Jonitied and also Mervin Shadlock); Terry and June Staves (also rep Russel, Maxine and Mark; Lesley and Peter Leonard); Pat Robinson; Shirley Patchett; John Vernam (also rep Cherry Valley Farms); Peter Mason; Michael and Johann Owen; Michael Inglis; Paul Streets; Colin Gammidge; Heather Muddiman; David Rivett; Jean Dodds (also rep Archie); Colin and Jill Ewens; Ann Bennett (also rep Mervin, Vicky and Emma; Mr and Mrs M Wilmot); Mr and Mrs M Hurt; Hugh Nott; Edward Green; Roger Thwaites; Jenny Goulsbra; Chris Middleton; Barbara Bradford; Harry Bradford; Joyce Lingard; John Lingard; Roy Gilliatt; Ruby Bratley; Peter Lyons; Margaret Lyons; Helen Potter; Michael Stephenson; Valerie Stephenson; Mark Stephenson; Gillian Parker; Pam Reaney; Brian Reaney; Ken Parrott; John and Mary Simms; Eileen Wilkinson; Mary and Ray Smart; Pauleen Forway; Rosemary Smith (also rep the Palmer family); Mavis and Ivor Noon (also rep Mrs Ralf Coulson; J E Tindall); Midge Thomas; Evelyn Wheatley and family; Jill Stephenson (also rep the Bristow family); Mr and Mrs M Sentence; Alan Butler; Richard Branch; Graham Soar; Kathleen Cribb; Jamie Wood; Sharon Wright; Mark Staves; John Strachan; Alan Bennett; Mary Wilkinson; Alan Wilkinson; Marion Hadlington; Barbara Neale; Jenny Smine; Sarah Mills; Rosalind Smith.