Obituary: David Wayne (Chubb) East

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The funeral for David Wayne (Chubb) East of North Kelsey was held at Woodlands Crematorium in Scunthorpe and North Kelsey Methodist Church.

The funeral for David Wayne (Chubb) East of North Kelsey was held at Woodlands Crematorium in Scunthorpe and North Kelsey Methodist Church. The Rev Anne Coates officiated at the services and arrangements were by J W Varlow & Son of Caistor.

Immediate mourners: Clare East (fiancée); Nikki and Bert Loggan, Di and Dan Hicklin (step-daughters and husbands); Elsie Loggan, Lola Loggan (granddaughters); Henry Hicklin (grandson); Zoe East, Millie East (daughters); Rol and Ang East (brother and sister-in-law); Tich Rivit (sister); Sadie and Wayne Hansard (niece and husband); William East (nephew); Teresa East and Sam Radcliffe (niece and partner); W Milton (uncle, rep. R Milton - aunt); Carol and David Hird, Jenny and Harold Plaskitt (cousins and husbands); Bill and Sandra Hather (cousin and wife); Alice Hansard, Lucy Hansard (great nieces); Michael Hansard, Connor Hansard (great nephews); Stuart Larder; Jack Williams; Roger Paterson; Robert Gregory; Ian and Irene Thompson; Steve Hansard; Dave and Jane Spolton; Roger Chappell.

Others present in the congregation were: Rick and Shelagh Marriott; Sam Marriott and Paris Hodson; Jayne Marriott and Barry Cox;

Jack Marriott; Peter and Janet Marriott (rep. Paul, Julia, William, Isabella); Marie Marriott (rep. Gareth Wilson); Bruce and Jacquie Marriott; Katherine Marriott; Steve and Pearl Waterman; Andrew Waterman; Emma Waterman; Mick and Kay Mellors; Dean Mellors and Stacey Haggis; Tom and Sara Baxter; Poppy Baxter; Jo Hodson; Mr D Beavis; Mrs M Beavis; Mr B Beavis; Mr and Mrs D J Howard; Miss P Wakefield (rep. B Dannatt); M B and S K Knapton; Mr P Castle (rep. Valerie Coggins); Paul Snell (rep. Patricia); Doris Chappell (rep. Dick); Rena Whittaker; Philip Rowbotham; Heather Muddiman; Shirley Frankcom; Miss S Pettinger; Mr T Burnett; Mr and Mrs J Stevenson (rep. Ben, John, Martin Becket); Mr and Mrs J Callimore (rep. Keith, Rebecca); Mr and Mrs J Bacon (rep. Edwin); Mr and Mrs J W Hannath; Peter Burgess; Mr D Johnson; Mrs R Hall; Mr B Lambert; Mr P and Mrs G Sellars; Mr R and Mrs J Perry; Mr R and Mrs B Turner (rep. Kitty); Miss E Wren; Mr S Parker (rep. H Cox); Mr B Martin (rep. S Cox); Mr T Thompson; Mr and Mrs R Sandham (rep. Mr J and Mrs H Sandham); Mr T Dixon; Mr P and Mrs B Stanfield (ep. family); Mr M Inglis; Mr G Fry; Mr B and Mrs J Scott (rep. Paul, Jonathan); Mrs F Gardner; Mr P and Mrs R Robinson; Mr and Mrs P Rowles; Mr and Mrs I Zidan; Mrs J MacKenzie; Mr and Mrs J James (rep. David Wood); Ross Fenwick; Mrs J Pearson (rep. Pauline); Mr S Salmon; John Richardson; Mr S Brocklesby (rep. George, Josephine, Victoria); Mr P and Mrs S Tutty (rep. Olive Talintyre); Mr B and Mrs G Wilkinson; Mr C Grundy (rep. Pat, Sharon, Don); Mr D White (rep. Myra); Mrs E Wood (rep. Anna Wood and family); Mr K and Mrs L Brown; Mr and Mrs R Douglas; Mr J and Mrs C Western (rep. Martin); Mr B and Mrs J Reeves; Mr K Spilman (rep. Mrs E Spilman); Mrs D Crowe (rep. Steven, Rowdy Wells and Catherine); Mr and Mrs K Birch; Mrs J Jackson; Mr E Moorwood (rep. Carrie); Miss R Brumby; Mr and Mrs E Bowring; Miss L Clark; Mr K Morwood (rep. family); Mrs L Brown; Mrs S Robinson; Mr K and Mrs D Letherbridge; Mrs C Colbrook (rep. family); Mr E Dale (rep. Julie); Mrs R Rands (rep. Steve, Ginny Cade); Miss E Harwood; Mr R Sutherland; Mr and Mrs G Pickering (rep. Catherine, Lee Pickering); Mr I and Mrs C Bates (rep. Steven and Clare Logan); Mrs M Loen; Mr J and Mrs C Lomas; Mr K Wade; Mr R Farrow; Jane Baxter; Mr J and Mrs C Lowden; Mr and Mrs Edley Smith (rep. Sandra); Mr R Dawson; Mr T and Mrs K Wells; Mr M and Mrs T Lingard (rep. Glen, Karen and family); Mr J Spencer (rep. Graham); Mr J Spencer; Mr H Spencer; Mr S Clayton (rep. Oliver, Geraldine); Mrs N Chapman; Mrs L Kelly; Mr S Kelly; Mr J Kelly; Mrs C Tuplin (rep. family, B Bonner, B Tomes); Mr and Mrs D Waite; Mr L Horton; Mr D and Mrs C Herd (rep. Auntie Ruby and Bill); Mr M Hicklin; Kevin and Jean Goodhand; Jim Goodhand (rep. Sophie, ); Rachel, Frances; Mr S Dawson; Matt Dorman; Mr and Mrs M W Molyneux; Barry Gammidge; Mr C and Mrs E Lingard; Midge Thomas; Brenda Cross; Clare Balderson; Sarah Knapton (rep. Brett Falconer); Mr and Mrs J Burks (rep. Matthew Burks, Emma and Steven West); Richard Hansard; Mrs E Umpleby; Mrs L Oxley (rep. Mr D Oxley); Karen Pettinger; Roly and Olga Clark; John Umpleby; Austin Pike (rep. Pat Pike); Sue Brocklesby (rep. Keith and Mary Farmery); Chris Smith; Margaret Hull (rep. Stephen Hull); Pam Harriman; Celia Drewery; Chris and Meg Bainbridge; Mrs Sam Wells (rep. Alex and Wayne Wells); Mr and Mrs R Patrick (rep. Richard Patrick); Mrs Douglas (rep. George Douglas); Michael Clayton (rep. Joyce, Mr and Mrs P Jones); Tom Dixon; David Birch (rep. Rase Steels); Fiona Evans (rep. Kelsey Evans, Jessemy, Vanessa); Tony and Jill Maund (rep. Sarah Maund); Mr and Mrs B E Sheardown (rep. Suzy); Arthur Dawson (rep. Angela Hubbert); Mr and Mrs Adair Pickering (rep. Mr and Mrs R Plews); Brenda Hall (rep. Graham Hall); Wendy Wells; Sandra Ross; Marion Black (rep. Mr Black); Robin Grundy; Dave Linsey; Martin Chapman; Mr and Mrs R J Umpleby; John Plowright; Mr and Mrs H Plaskitt; Anthony Plaskitt; Rena Whittaker; Anne Spolton; Gordon Rogers (rep. family); Mr A Smith; Kate Gallighan (rep. Jill Carr, Caistor Sports & Social Club); Jonathan Holt (rep. Vaughan and Debbie Shacklock, Southdale Service Station); Margaret Gaughan (rep. Anthony, Rebecca); Andrew and Andrea Inglis (rep. Jo Strawson); Michael Clayton (rep. Clayton Family); Ian Clayton; Jean Richards (rep. Mark Richards); Michael East; Ray Gregory (rep. Joyce); Pauline Woodforth; Michelle Pettinger; Andrew and Marie Hughes; Stuart and Linda Neve; Hubbert and Marion Whitelam; Peter Richardson; John and Joan Turner; Terry and Kath Tomlinson (rep. family); Carol Parkinson (rep. John); John Harwood; Kate Jacobs (rep. Will, Peter, Emma); Mick Bradley (rep. Karen); Graham Wright (rep. Susan Wright); Paul Wright; Andrew Knapton (rep. family); Bill and Grace Herring; Tom Regis; Andrew Dixon (rep. Glenys Dixon); Keith and Gwen Roberts; Paul Fountain (rep. family); Robert Howsham (rep. family); Stuart Maultby (rep. family in Australia); Ivan and Angela Baxter; Quentin Parker Jr (rep. Quentin Parker Snr, Jackie Parker); Patricia Johnson; Ken Barr (rep. family); Robin Barr; Francesca Williams (rep. family); Katie Priestly; Jack and Maura Binnion; Mandy Barr (rep. Christopher Barr, James Barr); Alistair and Nikki Lodge; Joanne Goulby (rep. Mr and Mrs Spolton); Mr J Clark; Mr L Clark; Andrew White; Ron Brocklesby; Mike Perkins; Mr and Mrs R Darker; Ian Martin; Barry Baker (rep. Susan); Julie Broughton (rep. Paul); George and Sally Sanderson; Mrs N Smith; Alf and Val Drury; Katherine Bowring; Emily Bell; Peter Loftus; Terry McTernan; Mark Birkett; Shaun Bettany (rep. wife); Graham and Kelly Yull; Les Burbridge; Sandra Murphy; Darbi Murphy; Barry and Margaret Johnson; Len and Tulin Hope; Craig Farmery; Ian Nicol; Philip Clayton; Philip and Jane Maw; Victoria Maw; Kerry Marchant; Liam Marchant; Dave and Rose Moorwood (rep. Guy Moorwood, Jane Hewson); Mike and Katie Flower (rep. Budgie); Paul Lockington; Penny Carlton (rep. Neil, Reigan); Michael Wilson; Lisa Kireia; Darren Sutton; Sam Oliver; Julie Wilson (rep. Ian Wilson); Mark Wilson (rep. Jessica Wilson); Lee and Laura Pickering (rep. family); Martin Gammidge; Rodney and Cynthia Pitt; Vicki Barnett; Trevor Fieldsend; Peter Sutherland (rep. Helen and David Playle); Joe and Sue Plachcinski; Mr and Mrs Binnion; Mrs J King (rep. Mrs S King); Peter Hall; Snowy Mettam; Christine Hunsley; Karl Ellis; Steve Hill (rep. RBM and Mick Haughton); Stuart Wilkinson; Karen Asquith; Simon Thomas; Mark Bletcher; Darren Gaughan; Scott and Tonie Hand; Donna Wilson; Paul Umpleby; Danielle Burns-Salmond (rep. John Burns-Salmond); Rachel Burns-Salmond; Stuart Dixon (rep. George and Shirley Dixon); Angela Marchant; Jack Marchant; Dave Marchant; Emma Larder (rep. Sid Larder, Benjamin Larder, Lynn Bilenky, Jake Stares, Craig Dixon, Angela David); Julie Wells (rep. Steve); Lee Wells and Danielle Thompson; Graham Reid; Helen Sheard; Mr J Thompson; Russ Dawson; Matthew, Emma, Josh and Austin Vessey.