Obituary: David Michael Ward

Obituary: David Ward
Obituary: David Ward

he funeral service for David Michael Ward, aged 62 of Market Rasen, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

Cynthia Bunch led the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

David was born in Wragby and, having progressed well through school, joined Thomas Thornes in 1966 as a traditional apprentice joiner.

He worked at Thornes for almost 40 years and it was whilst there, he made a number of lifelong friends, with whom he enjoyed a good social life.

However, he decided to move on and began running his own successful business.

He was known for his meticulous approach and attention to detail.

While he lived an independent life to those he loved, he was incredibly kind hearted, warm and open, and enjoyed the simple things in life.

Having grown up on a farm, David appreciated the countryside, relishing visits to national parks and zoos, and took a particular interest in birds.

Nevertheless, his life was centred around his children.

Following the death of his wife, Linda, in 1997, the love he felt for them gave him the strength and motivation to get from one day to the next.

He was immensely proud of the people they had become - as they are of him.

However, almost from the moment he met Linda, at the Coach and Horses in Faldingworth, until his final day, he loved her.

And with his children grown up, what he wanted more than anything was to be reunited with her once more.

Family mourners were: Samantha Ward, Emily-Jane Ward (daughters); Roy Ward (brother); Jen Ward (sister-in-law); Stephen Ward (nephew); Sarah Tune (niece); Cliff and Jo Murphy (brother-in-law and wife); Olly Murphy (nephew).

Friends at the service were: Hilda Pidgen; Martyn Pidgen; Janet Hewson; Maureen Mespin; Eileen Mespin (also rep Audrey and Pete South and family); Linda Laminman; Steven Hunt; Christine Hunt; Gordon Blackburn; Terry Austin; Raoul Austin; Mr and Mrs S Parker (also rep Amy and Becky); Mr S Cade (also rep Mrs G Cade); John Kane; Angela and Stuart, Billy and Vicky Jackson; Gill and Maurice Rollinson; Michael Shepherd; Barry Percival; Phil and Sheila Nash; Zoe Tant; Paul Smith; Mr and Mrs D Kirk; Mr and Mrs G Briggs; Mr R Vear; Sue Lewis; Chris Muir; Alison Riddell; M Allman (also rep Mr and Mrs D Wilkins); Dawn Turnell; John Edwards (also rep Paul Johnson); Ruth Elston; Emily Shepherdson; Mandy Murphy; D Hewson; E Clifford; Josh Wilson; Marcus Austin.