Obituary: David Leslie Howard

David Leslie Howard EMN-160208-134450001
David Leslie Howard EMN-160208-134450001

The funeral service for David Leslie Howard, aged 69 of Moortown, was held at St Andrew’s Church, Kirkby cum Osgodby.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

David was born at Hayton and worked as a self employed agricultural engineer, until his retirement in 2005.

Family mourners were: Jo (wife); Paul and sally, Wayne and Sadie (sons and daughters-in-law); Alice, Hugo, Michael, Jemma, Lucy, Harvey, Connor, Sarah, Charlie and Naomi (grandchildren); John and Brenda Carter (brother-in-law and sister-in-law, also rep Paula,niece); Freda and Michael Edwards (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Rob Johnson and Alison Andrews (nephew and partner, also rep Edith Johnson, sister-in-law); Sandra Birch, Mark and Mandy Carter, Sharon Mountain, Helen and Darren Steward (nieces and nephews); Jim and Adele Corbett (cousin and wife); Liz and Graham Kirton (cousin/goddaughter and husband).

Friends at the service were: Louis Cobb (also rep Ann); Peter Gleaden (also rep Rosetta); Mr and Mrs P Wakefield (also rep George and Ruth Atkin); Mr and Mrs J Pipes; June Lord; Dennis Pickering (also rep Edna Pickering); Robin Grundy; Mr and Mrs G Taylor (also rep Jim Burks); Nicky McNeil; Keith Knapton (also rep the Knapton Family); Hedley Smith; Roland and Angela East; William East; Teresa Ratcliffe; George Carr; Mick Clayton (also rep the Clayton Family); Joan Woodcock (also rep Brian Woodcock); Ann Todd; Jean Twidale (also rep Martin Twidale); M Heath; Mr and Mrs M Denniss; Jim Denniss; Dave Boyles; Paul Street; Andrew Sharp (also rep Anna and Ania); Cliff and Sylvia Clark; Kevin and Jean Goodhand (also rep James Goodhand); Jeff Hand; Bernard Wilkinson; Tich Rivett; Gina Holmes; Mr B Wilson; Mr and Mrs A Wilson (also rep Mr and Mrs W Wilkinson); Jackie and Ros Thompson (also rep S and M Roach); Mr and Mrs Wright; John and Barbara Cade; Simon Thomas; Neil Harker (also rep Sandra Harker); Adrian Tutty; Mr and Mrs A Dowse; Aubrey Smith; Keith Smith; Mr and Mrs B Fox; Brian and Brenda Dannatt; Shelia Wilmot (also rep Michael Wilmot); David Strachan; Marie and Tony Holmes; Ken Symons (also rep Margaret Symons); Alan Taylor; Jayne Beeston; Janice Tappenden; J Carr; Pip Richards; Peter, Jane and David Richardson; Mick Banks (also rep Jan Banks); Jim Drury; James Drury; John and Carole Parkinson; Jean Thomas (also rep Russell and Linda Thomas); Roy Thomas (also rep Midge Thomas); Stuart Mapplethorpe; Mr and Mrs Wilson; Erina Wilson; June Lord; Ian Wilmot (also rep Hall Farm); Richard Branch (also rep IFM Insurance).