Obituary: David Laughton

It was with such sadness that family, friends and neighbours heard of the death of David Laughton, who passed away on October 6.

Aged 67, David was born in Lincoln on December 28, 1944.

His parents, Wilf and Sue, moved to Horncastle and then to Wragby just after his sixth birthday.

He was educated at the local primary school before moving to Cagthorpe Secondary School in Horncastle.

During his early years, he often helped his mum. It was a close and loving family and there were many happy times.

After leaving school, David worked for a short period at the former “Wragby Plastics” before moving onto the “Merchant Navy Training Academy” at the age of 16.

During one of his home leaves, he met and married Judy. Although they parted company, he was still in touch with his sons Tony and Lloyd.

While at sea, David visited many countries and he loved travelling.

He had many fascinating tales to tell about places he had visited and he was always very generous, bringing back presents for family and friends.

Following that, David went onto work for BP as a steward, servicing the oil rigs and doing “taxi work” on home leaves.

Thirty years ago, he met Audrey who became his partner and they enjoyed many happy years together.

David was a member of the RAOB. He also played darts, crib and bingo and continued to enjoy his holidays.

The service of thanksgiving for the life of David was held at All Saints Church, Wragby on Monday, October 29.

It was followed by cremation at Lincoln and officiated by Revd Mark Holden.

Arrangements were made by R H Turner of Horncastle.

Family mourners were: Audrey Simons, partner; Tony & Sarah Laughton, son and daughter-in-law; Lloyd Laughton, son; Sharon John, step-daughter & Luke and Nathan

Alan and Sallie Laughton, brother and sister-in-law; Bab Laughton, brother; Marjorie & Bob McKee, sister and brother-in-law; Heather and Malcolm Spittles, sister and brother-in-law

Roy and Rachel Laughton, brother and sister-in-law; Joseph Hill, uncle; Sonia Robertson, niece and Anthony Robertson; Jade and Carl Robertson, Michael Laughton, Helen & Aaron Mehta, niece; Stuart Laughton and Carrie Reeve, nephew; Shane Spittles, nephew; Lee Laughton, nephew; Charlene Laughton, niece; Charles Laughton, nephew; Andrew Laughton, nephew; Elsie Howsam, aunt; Karl McKee and Stacey Papworth, nephew, also representing Tammy McKee, niece, Hayley McKee, niece, Andrew and Natalie McKee, nephew, Rick Spittles and Miss Dolphin, nephew.

Names taken at church: Bob Clark, acting verger; Sheila Cartwright, organist; Margaret Clark; Dorothy Warr, also representing Andrea Ward, Rosemary Kirk, Carole Kirk, “Titch” Lee, Pauline Cooper, John Jones, Mary & Steve Cottingham, Noel Neave, Lesley Waters – also representing Sharon Waters, Doug Clark, Bob Paul, also representing Olive Paul, Sheila Herrick, Mr B Herrick – president Wolds Dart and Dominoes League, Kay and Johnny Franklin

Win Hutchinson, John Edwards, Audrey Saul – also representing “Air Ambulance Charity Shop”, Yvonne and Gordon Blackburn, Mr & Mrs B Osborne, Dennis Edwards, Linda King – also representing Mrs H Jackson, V Segasby – also representing Andrew and family, Mr & Mrs Colin Knowles – also representing Roy Knowles, Sue nee Hutchinson, Gloria Briggs, Alan Bancroft, Mr & Mrs Brian Lingard, Dennis Belton, Paul Martin – also representing Darren Flannigan, Yvonne Short, Craig Laughton, Sylvia Lowman – also representing the family,

Margaret Jones, Steve Allcock, Renee Mullen, Murial Whitaker, Pat and Colin Green, Nigel Green, Tilly Martin – also representing Vera & Alan Smart, Georgina Laming – also representing Colin Barber, Derek Fox – also representing Christine Fox, Barbara Blackburn,

Nora Blackburn, Julie Thurling, Alec and Sue Brader, Graham Wright, Geoff Ward – also representing Betty Ward, Den Denny – also representing Mrs Denny, Derek and Susan Brader

Vicky James – also representing Jayne and Peter Ingall, David Howsam, Tony Ward, Mr & Mrs J Day, Mr & Mrs Cowman, Geoff Hutchinson – also representing Helen Hutchinson, Greg Dixon

Paul Johnson, Thelma Humberstone – also representing Sam Humberstone, Mr Fisher – also representing Wendy Fisher, Jean Lowmas – also representing Ged Lowmas, Diane Ward – also representing Phil Ward, Tressa Machin – also representing Mark Machin and Pat Steel, Hugh Bourn – also representing Monica Bourn, Chris Bourn and Edward Bourn, Shaun Murphy – also representing Mr & Mrs Murphy, Sam Ward, June Wardle – also representing Frank Ward, Dennis Brader – also representing Jean Brader, John Brader – also representing Ruth Brader

Bernard Pixsley, Kevin and Sue Dixon, Kathy Lowe – also representing Caroline Hydes and Wragby Bingo Club, Margaret and John Kane, Dorothy and Derek Thompson, Sheila Emmons, condolences from the staff at the Wragby Co-op store, Teresa Blakey, William O’Rourke, Yvonne Hurst, Mr & Mrs Blay, representatives of RAOB