Obituary: David Christopher Marris

David Christopher Marris EMN-150508-172120001
David Christopher Marris EMN-150508-172120001

The funeral service for David Christopher Marris, aged 73 years, of Caistor, was held at the parish church.

A retired haulage contractor of Caistor Distribution Ltd, David was born in Kingston upon Hull.

He was also a member of Palletline.

Family mourners were: Catherine Marris (wife); Jason Marris, Leigh Marris (sons); Donna Marris, Sue Marris (daughters-in-law); Holly Marris (granddaughter); Tom Walkley (father-in-law, also rep Edna Walkley, mother-in-law); David Walkley Raymond Thacker (brothers-in-law); Sue Walkley, Christine Thacker (daughters-in-law); Prudence Jacklin, George Atkin, Ruth Atkin (cousins); Lisa Jacklin (niece); Adam Jacklin, Ben Walkley (nephews).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs R Mumby (also rep Mr and Mrs H Dowse); Mr and Mrs A Drury; Mr and Mrs D Fawcett; Richard Dixon; R Hogarth (also rep Bush Tyres); Gillian Armstrong; Tracy Moor; Diane Hewson; B and J Woodcock (also rep IG Industries); Mr and Mrs M Wilbour (also rep Travis Designs); Mrs H Clayton; G Hand (also rep Kath Hand, D Smith and also DSV Road); Mr C R Clark (also rep Mrs O Clark); A Hooker (also rep J Howard); J Patterson; M Hands (also rep Alison); Mr B Buffam (also rep the Buffam family); S Hansard; B Cutler; Mr and Mrs B Elkington; M Austin and B Williamson - Scania GB; D Robinson (also rep P Dobson); Mrs S Mackay (also rep the Mackay family); R Hansard; J Burgess; J Watt – Yaxley, Peterborough; R Spencer; P Jollands (also rep Teresa); Faye Hulme; C Rust; D Osbourne; J G Richardson (also rep Pat Richardson); P Smith and Gill Carr; T Pass; M Pixsley (also rep Rob Hill); Mr and Mrs Taylor; Babs Fraser (also rep J and J Collinson); Mrs Shaw; Debbie Bright (also rep Truck Lincs Ltd); G Hunt; Martyn Leonard (also rep G Hadfield); M Woodforth; Tulin Hope; S J Wells; Mr J Birkett (also rep Mrs M Birkett); J Burns–Salmond; D Bowers; Martina Allen (also rep Ryan); C Bettany (also rep Saun Bettany); Mr T Grimson; Louis King (also rep Robina); W Chalk; G Ellis; K Barker-Brown; R Poole; S Martin; F Stanland; G Laurens; Mr and Mrs R Waddington; Mr and Mrs Trussler (also rep Mrs Padley, David Lewis); David Padley (also rep Alex); Jillian and David Naylor; Robert Hollings; ‘Ginna’; Mr and Mrs Mcall; Debbie and Terry McKitton; Ian Martin; Chris Eaton (also rep Timothy Eaton); Peter Barber; Bob Harrison; Kevin Donovan; Graham Lockington; Graham Davis; Alan Dales (also rep Stewart Wright); Mr and Mrs Elaine and Edwin Turner; Tony and Janet Button; Audrey and Peter Davidson; Colin Sturgess; Darren Alkin; Mick Hewis; J Pearson; David McKay; Darren McKay; Ashley Good; Janet Hyde (also rep Mark Hyde and family); Mr and Mrs S Mason (also rep Mr and Mrs M G Mason); Alan Caine; Ken Hackling (also rep Trevor Ellis and also The Palletline Board); Lynn Drifill (also rep Tony and Kath Martin); Dave Emsley (also rep Mick Mellors); John Williams (also rep Graham Smith); P A Dunwell (also rep Dunwell Transport and also Stuart Saunders); Scott George; Martin Needham; Deborah Barker; Mr and Mrs Melvin Hand (also rep Ashley Dent); Mr Stannard (also rep Mrs Stannard); B Gissing; Ralph Allen (also rep Hugh Allen); Mick Caborn (also rep Shaun Caborn, Peter Wilmot); Andrew Birkinshaw (also rep Mrs Birkinshaw and also Caistor Distribution); Paddy Keane (also rep Barry Smith); Stephen Clarke (also rep Richard Jemmett and also Tri Pack); Graham Dawson; Nick Martin; Pete Roberts; Michael Galligan.

Funeral arragements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.