Obituary: Corinne Winifred Brant

Corinne Winifred Brant EMN-150909-103932001
Corinne Winifred Brant EMN-150909-103932001

Caistor Methodist Church was packed for the ‘Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving’ for Corinne Brant who died at the age of 87.

Corinne Osborne was born in Cleethorpes, educated first locally and then in Devon. She studied dairy farming at college and her father rented land first at Howsham and then at Claxby for her to farm.

Just after the war ended, she met her husband to be Motley, who one night had arrived at her house riding a horse.

Three years later they got together and their relationship developed while both were members of the local Young Farmers’ Club.

They got engaged near Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh in 1953 while on a Young Farmers’ trip.

Sixty years ago, in 1955, they were married at Trinity Methodist Church in Cleethorpes.

The couple took over the farm at Acre House Normanby le Wold and they lived there for 42 years, looking out from the top of the Wolds at one of the best views in Lincolnshire.

They moved to Mill Lane Caistor on Motley’s retirement.

The couple had three sons - Rodney, Jonathan and David - and a daughter, Rachel, who between them provided 11 grandchildren.

Mrs Brant was a school governor for 30 years and served both Caistor Yarborough School and De Aston School Market Rasen.

Her interests were wide and varied. She had a great love of music and frequently played with the Caistor Yarborough School Orchestra.

In 1979 she met the Queen at a Buckingham Palace garden party, her invitation recognising her work for ‘Save the Children.’

Corinne Brant’s son Rodney said: “Mum had a great love of nature, gardens, archeology and music. Her interests were wide ranging covering all sections of life.

“We remember the family holidays we enjoyed in Scotland, Scarborough and London.

“We shall all miss her greatly.”

The Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving was conducted by Richard Alderson and Don Owen. Organist was Ray Wylie.

Family mourners were: Motley Brant (husband); Rodney and Jenny Brant, Jonathan and Zoe Brant, David and Rita Brant (sons and daughter-in-laws); Rachel and Ray Griffiths (daughter and son-in-law); Tom, Chloe, Sam, Victoria, Richard, Alice, Devlin and Riordan (grandchildren); Michael, Rebecca and Harry (grandchildren and their partners – Paul, Sarah and Ashley); Tim and Margaret Osborne (brother and sister-in-law); John and Margaret Brant (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Eleanor Osborne, Ellen Young, Barbara Guthrie (also rep Jane, Ronnie, Julia and Emily Hadji-Stylianou), Rosamund and Peter Wildsmith, Christine Fitton, Rebecca and Eddie Blissitt (cousins).

Additional family members attending: Alison Owen (also rep the Fitton family); Ian Young; Sally Wildsmith; George Wildsmith; Gabriel Wildsmith; Mr and Mrs A Guthrie; Alex and Patrick Guthrie; Penny Adey; Daniel, Katy and Jane Young; Charles and Kate Brant

Friends at the service: Richard Alderson (Minister); Don Owen (Reader); Geraldine and Mac James (also rep Nina); Ian Short; Louis and Robina King (also rep Jane and Darren and family); Mr and Mrs Shortland; Stuart and Margaret Roach (also rep Gordon Rogers); Ray and Catherine Wylie (organist); Claire Balderson; Zena and Malcolm Bedells; June and Anthony Gaughan; Ian Cocking; Mr and Mrs Saxton (also rep Stuart and Joanne); Margaret Glentworth (also rep Irmgard Cammeron); Terry and Pat Vann (also rep Graham and David Vann ; Helen and Ann Todd); Nicola Penswick (also rep Neil, Nathaniel and Rose); John Simpson (also rep Pat Grant; Marion Peatfield; Ann Semple); Babs and Stuart Fraser (also rep John and Enid Fowler); John G Adams; Tim Lewis; Mr and Mrs B Oxborrow; Mr J Willisch (also rep Owersby String Consort Orchestra); Shirley Sanderson; Lynne Hardwick (also rep Margaret Bennett; Mr and Mrs Peter Hardwick; Mr and Mrs P Waterman and also Caistor Co-op); Paul Chapman; Mrs C Lancaster (also rep Mr and Mrs R Lancaster); Maureen Clark; Tony Maund; Gill Lawledge; Evelyn Whitley; Pat Jacklin (also rep Roy); Mrs S A Cade; Nigel Rowson (also rep Simon Burnett); Joyce Cook; Chris Turner (also rep the Rev Elaine Turner); Margaret King (also rep Hilary, Billie, Robert and families); Laura Kirkby; Arthur Wilmore (also rep Patricia Wilmore); Helen Godfrey (also rep Hannah and Oliver Godfrey); Margaret Moore; Martin Sizer (also rep Caistor Post Office and also Rose Suddaby); Donald Mackin; Geoff and Polly Baxter; Caroline Ellis (also rep The NFU); Rick Merrall; David Hill; Roger and Jean Stokes; Richard and Sarah Beal; Yvonne Woolston; Miss R E Cade; Maureen Suddaby (also rep Michael and also Susan Rook); June Reid; John Hair (also rep Claire Hair); Jean Mumby; Penny Cleve; Mr V H Shacklock (also rep Debbie Shacklock and also the staff at South Dale Service Station); Brian and Georgie Wilkinson (also rep the family); Janet Warmoth; Lesley Alderson (also rep Denis and Joan Hicks; Philip Drury; Pam and Rod Bradley); Alice Surfleet (also rep Peggy Thwaites; Brian and Janice Cook); Audrey Clark (also rep Sue and also Norman Wattam); Coun Alan Caine, Caistor Town Council (also rep Town Mayor, Coun Carol Mackenzie); David Deptford (also rep the Deptford family); Clive Lingard (also rep Brenda Lingard); Eileen Burnett; Mrs Turner (also rep the family); Alistair Upton; Derek Grayson; Miss C Maycock; Mr and Mrs C R Clark; Mr and Mrs Knapton (also rep the Knapton family); John Arthur; Judith Hewis (also rep Adrian, Jill, Fred and Heather Hewis); Brenda Hewis (also rep G Hewis); Linda and Chris Arthur; David Stuart; Diane Kelly (also rep Tony Kelly and also the Johnson family); Mr and Mrs M Sharp; Wright; M Cade; David and Margaret Saunders; Brian Simpson; Jean Lusby; Mrs I Wilkinson; Sarah Wainwright (also rep the family); K Stones; M Wilkinson; Joan Wright; Ian and Thea Hogg; Gwen Bain (also rep Walter Bain); Mr and Mrs T Faulkner; Hannah Nicholson; Tony and Anne Searle; Barry Tointon; Judith Redfern (also rep David Redfern); Sarah and Laura Kirkby; Paul and George Kirkby; Robert Jackson (also rep Roz Jackson); Ann Lamb; Stuart Davis (also rep Christine Davis); Wendy Handford (also rep Geoffrey Handford); Iris Herrick (also rep Allan Herrick); Kenneth Herrick; Trevor Lyle (also rep Penny Lyle); Sandra Brumpton (also rep Lloyds Bank, Market Rasen); D Barker; Linda Oxley (also rep Bob Oxley); Kathleen Gaughan; George and Susan Enderby; Michael Plaskitt (also rep L Plaskitt and also Sally Daniels); Mary Gaughan; Eileen Jackson (also rep Eileen Sports, Caistor); Peter Thompson; Chris and Sharon Robey; Paul and Theresa Hornsby; Ruth Hodges; Steve Mumby; Roisin Mumby; John Hall (also rep Angela, Ashley, Kyle and Lianne Hall); David Naylor; Ann Naylor; Linda and Chris Arthur; Alan and Margaret Dennis; Mary Winslow; Mr and Mrs M Stockwood; David King; Don Morgan; Sandra Woodcock; Nigel Woodcock; Leona Woodcock (also rep the Woodcock family); Catherine Shacklock (also rep Mr P Shacklock); Cath and Tom Bunford; Don and Gwen Bontoft (also rep Mr and Mrs D Barrow); Barbara Knapton; Carol Barnes (also rep Michael Barnes; Sarah Smaller); Mrs J Jackson (also rep John); Ann Bennett; Vicky Bennett; Jean Fox (also rep the Fox family); Mark and Clare Strawson (also rep The Dorothy Bayles Trust); Kitty Cade; Jean Childs (also rep Nettleton WEA); Pauline Atkin (also rep Chris, Darren, Helen, Rebecca and Meghan); Linda Mason; Lynn Chapman (also rep Gwen Chapman); Malcolm Robinson; Susan Hannath; Hugh McPhearson; Kate Kelly; Harry Minns; Christine Yull; Tony Neal; Mike Galligan (also rep Roy and Carol Schofield); Frank and Rachida Richardson; Sean Mumby; Mr A Parker (also rep Miss J Parker; Mrs S Gaunt); Juliet Savage; Doreen Wallis; Philip Clayton; Vanessa and Stephen Morrison; Clifford Dukes; Robert and Bridget Turner (also rep John Turner); Colin Wood; Helen Worsley (unable to attend).

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.