Obituary: Colin Michael McKay


The funeral service for Colin Michael McKay, aged 75 years of Caistor, was held in the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Colin was born at Bishop Bridge.

He worked at Lowery’s egg packing in Osgodby, was a lorry driver for Wilkisons, Humber Graving Dock, where he was a member of the tug of war team, and L.O.R.

He had also worked as a bus driver for Appleby’s Coaches and Amvale, retiring in 2005.

For 32 years, Colin served as a Special Constable for Lincolnshire Police.

He had previously served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Cyprus and was a member of the Royal British Legion.

Family mourners were: Sandra McKay (wife); Diane and Richard Good (daughter and son-in-law, rep Matthew); David and Sarah (son and partner, rep Annie-Jay, Pixie-Mae, Poppy-Louise, Millie-Rose); Darren and Emma McKay (son and daughter-in-law, rep Hugh and Charlie); Paul and Becky McKay (grandson and wife); Ashley and Sarah Good (grandson and wife); Amy (great-granddaughter); Alastair and Louise (grandson and partner, rep Lilly and Esme); Christopher McKay (grandson, rep Zack, great-grandson) Scarlett Good (great-granddaughter); Rachael Day (friend); Ann and Jack Holmes (sister and brother-in-law); Jim and Laraine Taylforth (brother and sister-in-law); Jenny and Richard Allum (sister and brother-in-law); Barbara Conboy (sister, rep Brian, brother-in-law); Paul Taylforth, Brent Taylforth (nephews, rep families); Diane and Gary Collins (niece and nephew, rep Arron, Zack); Mr and Mrs Dennis Taylforth (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Glenda Cearnes (sister-in-law); Lee and Jennifer Cearnes (nephew and niece); Karen and Tony Hills (niece and husband); Susan Dickenson (niece); John Hulse and Maureen (uncle and partner).

Friends at the service were: John Barr (also rep Jayne Barr); Mandy Pearson; Dave Osborne; Jennifer Weatherill; Sharon Holingsworth (also rep Mr and Mrs Storr); Mr and Mrs L Roberts; Mr Harland; Mr and Mrs P Good; Mr and Mrs A Gaughan; Mr M Wilber (also rep Mrs D Wilber); Mrs E Downing; Mr and Mrs L King; David Nailer; Jill Nailer; Stuart Rose; George Gill (also rep Alan Cooper); John and May Bennett; Jock Crosby; Mr and Mrs Dunnett (also rep the family); Billie O’Leary; Leslie Stothard; Eileen Bemrose; Mark Ebenezersal; Jason and Geraldine Richardson; Lisa Kelly (also rep Emma Mason); Shaun Kelly; Michael Kelly; Joshua Kelly; Alan Caine; Mrs Baxter; Sue Wilson; Mr A V Brockelsby; Mrs E Bennett; Bruce and Gillian Robinson; Sharon Dyball (also rep Steven Dyball); Stephen Robinson (also rep Alida Robinson); Phill Leadbeater; David King (also rep The Royal British Legion); Mr and Mrs G Day; Mrs C Gaughan; Carol McKenzie; Mr J Cleve (also rep Mrs M Cleve); Mr J Wright (also rep Eve Wright); Mr P Westfield; Mr and Mrs Smith; Mr B Wilson; Roy Taylor; Gordon Rogers; Jean Lusby (also rep Walt, Mr and Mrs B Curtis, Mr and Mrs D Lambing); Mr and Mrs M Suddaby; Dawn Roberts (also rep Mark Roberts, Pete Lister); Mr and Mrs C Walker; Mr and Mrs R Gregory; Mrs J Wilson; Jeremy and Helga Sandham; Mr G Wilson; Mr and Mrs A Wilson; Coun Galligan (also rep Jill Carr and also Caistor Sports and Social Club); Rob Fegan (also rep Wendy Fegan); Steve Fegan; Janet Gladding; Alan Cressy; Alan Somerscales (also rep Gillian Somerscales, Linda Lamb); Cory and Daisy Speight; Jo Howard (also rep Dave and also the Howard family); Alice Howard; John Carter (also rep Brenda Carter); Robert Hollings; Anthony Pearson; Susan Smith; John Cole; Diane Good (also rep Mrs Holmes and family); Diane Hewson; Mr S Wright; Mr and Mrs C Pixsley (also rep Keith and Liz Spillman); Dennis Blackburn; Gwen Wilson (also rep the family and also Vera Goodhand); Jilly King (also rep Sandy Somers); Jimmy and Kath Pearson; Derek Chuck; Alan Saxton (also rep Linda and Joanne Love; Stuart Saxton and family); Mrs P Lacrick (also rep Mrs D Smith); Karen Spittle; H Twell (also rep the Twell family); Kirstin Stimpson (also rep Mr and Mrs Stimpson); Dean Hilton; Mick Mason (also rep Janice Mason); Roy Mason (also rep Linda Mason); Paul Smith; Graham Moore (also rep Alan Thurman); Diane Gaughan; Mr and Mrs N Wright; D Bryan; Pauline Barwick; B Stanfield (also rep Peter Stanfield); Sandra Wood (also rep Geoff Wood and also Bowls and Bingo); Wayne Richardson; Joanne Capp; Tony Houghton; Mr and Mrs M Hunter (also rep Mr and Mrs I Kireia and also Holton-le-Moor Darts and Dominoes League); Diane Kelly (also rep Anthony Kelly); Richard Hough (also rep Hough’s Coaches); Mike Peterson; Brian George; Michael Taylor; Stuart Roach and Margaret Roach (also rep Joan and Bill Woodcock, Mary Shadlock); Viv Clark (also rep Dave and family); Rita and Colin Brocklebank (also rep Jean and Martin Ashton); Adrian Soar; Graham Soar; John McKeon; M Davidson; Sue Lindsay; Ann and John Mumby; V Brocklesby; Ian and Claire Lang; Mrs P Jacklin; L and A Jacklin; Wendy Wells (also rep Wayne Wells); Betty Reid; Gary Palmer; Carol and Bill Atkins (also rep Sylvia and family; Rachel and Family); Ellie Geragthy (also rep Terry and Joseph); Alex Padley (also rep David Lewis, Lesley Padley); J Lynskey (also rep Mrs Lynskey; John and Emma); Alan Thompson; Rick Sandhan (also rep The White Hart); Graham Wright; Nikki Fegan; Kevin Wade; Alex Wade; Mr Waterman; Helen Waterman; George Broe (also rep Eileen Broe); David Marris (also rep Jason); Jennifer Clark; P Yates; Peter Carnell; S Elkington; Heidi Elkington; Claire East (also rep David East); Mr and Mrs Colin Burn-Salmond; Danielle Burn-Salmond; Gail Cameron; Chris Wood (also rep Haylie and Amanda); Alan Johnson; D Barker; Michael Galligan (also rep Margaret Hilton); L Oxley; Billy John; Sue Moon; Chris Moon; J Patterson; P Larder; D Overson; M Wells