OBITUARY: Clive Frank Fieldsend

The funeral service for Clive Frank Fieldsend, aged 53 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Clive was born in Grimsby but for more than 30 years had worked as a painter and decorator in around Market Rasen and Lincoln.

He was a member of the scouting movement and had served as a leader. As a scout, he won the Cornwall certificate.

Family mourners were: Helen (wife); Chloe and Dominique (sisters); Frank and Winnie (father and partner); Mrs P Doughty (aunt); Mr and Mrs M Glenn (cousin and husband); Mr and Mrs H Glenn (cousin and wife); Ms S Gill (sister-in-law, also rep Mrs A Gill, mother-in-law, Mr and Mrs W J Richards, sister and brother-in-law); Miss J Elliott (cousin); Mr and Mrs F Weldon (uncle and aunt, also rep F Hallahan); Mr and Mrs Weldon, and Miss A Weldon (cousins).

Friends at the service were: close friends – Mr and Mrs A Morrison, Mr J Morrison (godson), Ms C Lee (also rep Mr R Ogg), Mr and Mrs J A E Fox, Mr W Marshall, Norman Palmer, Mr and Mrs P Breese (at crematorium, not church); Mr and Mrs B Oxborrow; Mr and Mrs Goulsbra; Mrs G Sorby; Mrs M Morrison; Mr and Mrs D W Parrott (also rep Julia, Helen and also Mrs B Greathead); Mr K Blanchard (also rep Wendy); Dr G Parry; Mr G Ranby; Mrs N Ranby-Holmes; Mr J Richards; Mr K Cooling; Miss K Cooling (also rep Lorraine); Miss A Richards; Mr K Strawson; Miss K Strawson; Mr R Myland (also rep Mrs S Myland); Elaine Bradley (née Myland); Mr E Burks; Mrs J Cooper; Mrs S and Miss G Flintham; Jack Marshall; Mr A Pennell (also rep Geoff and Tracy); Mr and Mrs Rainer; Mrs S Veitch; Mr and Mrs N Taylor (also rep Lindsey and Dan, De Aston School, Lyn Chapman); Mr and Mrs S Drakes; Mr Fox; Miss S Fox; Mrs A Fox; Mr and Mrs C Cade (also rep Andrew and Stuart Cade); Mr and Mrs Palmer and family; Miss K Palmer; C and V Huggins (also rep Paul Huggins, Brian Thomas, I Cocking); Mr and Mrs B Ward (also rep C Tindall and family); Mrs P Richards; Mr D Sellars (also rep P Sellars); Mrs C Whitwell; Mr and Mrs J Sellars; Mrs M Lakin-Whitworth (also rep Mrs H Thornton); Mr and Mrs G Turner (also rep Wragby Scout Group); Mr B Marshall (also rep Royal British Legion); Mr J Lacey; Mrs H Robinson (also rep the family); K and L Chinery; Mrs M Fenwick (also rep Market Rasen Library); Mr F Rowlands; Mr and Mrs S Britton; Mr A Upton (also rep Mr H Bates, Mr M Sentence); Mr J Stead (also rep Mr Pugh); Mr T Walkley; Mr D Walkley; Mr and Mrs Lightfoot; Mr and Mrs West; Mr T Ward; Mrs R Cuppleditch; Mr J Willisch; Mr P Ginnelly; Mr P Smart (also rep R Coulson); Mr and Mrs F Bowles; Mr G Sellars; Mr and Mrs J Stevenson (also rep Ben and Jonathan Stevenson); Mrs E Smart-Turner; Mrs J Giles; Miss C Bratton; Mrs F Mawer; Mrs L Chambers (also rep Bud and also Mr and Mrs D Robinson); Mrs C Marshall (also rep Rita and the girls at Cynthias); Mr B Clark (also rep Mrs P Clark); Mrs F Hookham; Mrs R Hawbrook (also rep Faye); Mrs C Watson (also rep Michael and also Bill Baker); Mrs J Halpenny (also rep Mr D Halpenny, Mrs P Clarkson); Mrs J Dray (also rep Mr D Dray); Mr S Morrison; Mrs E Smith (also rep Ben); Lilian Gill (also rep Mrs John Gill); Mr and Mrs J Fox; Mr D Boles; Mr and Mrs C Bates; Mrs J Sutton (also rep Mr Sutton); Miss Johnson-Murphy, Darbi and Oliver; Mr and Mrs Bedford (also rep the family); Mr Brown; Mrs M Collinson (also rep Market Rasen 2nd Scout Group); Mr Wiggins; Mrs A Mills; Mrs L Webster (also rep Geoff and Scott); Mr D Dowse (also rep Mr I and Mr S Dowse); Mr and Mrs Head; Mrs Westbrook (also rep Dr and Mrs McKinley); Geoff Hill; Mrs R Jackson; Mr A Tranter; Mrs C Tindall; Mrs C Rice (also rep the Rice family); Mr and Mrs J Thompson; Mr and Mrs R Edrich; Mrs A Wild (also rep Mr Wild); Mrs B Andrews; Mrs K Grant (née Andrews); Mr R New; Maxine Guymer; Mr A Martin.