Obituary: Clifford Fox

Clifford Fox EMN-180122-175125001
Clifford Fox EMN-180122-175125001

The funeral service for Clifford Page, aged 88 of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Claire Walker officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Clifford farmed at Poplars Farm, now Sunnyside Farm Shop, and married Margaret in 1955.

They had two children - Marian and Trish.

Clifford served as a town councillor and was also a special constable,for which he received a long-service award.

For many years, he played at and was groundsman for Market Rasen Bowls Club, as well as being the club president .

Clifford died peacefully in Nettleton Manor Nursing Home.

Family mourners were: Marian and Ian Garfoot, Trish and Colin England (daughters and sons-in-law); Paul and Fran Garfoot (grandson and wife); Freddie (great-grandson); Mark and Danielle Garfoot (grandson and wife); Florence Garfoot (great-granddaughter); Christine Carrick (niece, rep families); Stephen and Wendy Bontoft (nephew and wife, rep family).

Friends at the service were: Mr B Pickering (also rep Miss Thornton); Mrs E Wilkinson (also rep Reg and Brenda Tyson); Mr and Mrs A Morrison (also rep the Morrison family); John and Rachel Mason; Rita Goulsbra (also rep Dave Goulsbra); Chris Collins; Sadie Tindall; Paul Bett (also rep Richard Coulson and family; Jim Burkes and family); Rob Herbert (also rep May); Norman and Angela Palmer; Edward Banks; Hazel Parker; Mr A Upton; Mr A Dowse (also rep Mr and Mrs J Hayton; also Market Rasen Bowls Club); Mrs E Woodall; Robert Robinson; Mr D Johnson (also rep Jean); Brian Marshall (also rep Jean Marshall); Elaine and John Whitfield (also rep Louise Robinson); D Marwood; Mr and Mrs J Nock (also rep Marion and Peter Taylor); Jill Sellars (also rep Peter; Mervin Shadlock); J Woodall (also rep the Woodall family); Mr M Banks; Colin Garfoot; Steve Bailey; Jenny Smith; Mr and Mrs S Thatcher; Alan Bennett; Mr and Mrs G Clark; Mrs B Grayson (also rep Mr and Mrs P Allenson); Linda Cash (also rep David Cash); T R Fox; Ruth Skinner; Mr and Mrs J Fox; Malcolm Parker; Edna Barton; Mrs D Woodall.