Obituary: Clara Brumpton

Clara Brumpton EMN-161220-133844001
Clara Brumpton EMN-161220-133844001

The funeral service for Clara (Clare) Brumpton, 85, of Middle Rasen, was held in Lincoln Crematorium.

The Rev Steve Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Mrs Brumpton had previously worked as a school secretary, spending many years at Market Rasen Primary School.

Family mourners were Tim and Sandra (son and daughter-in-law); Adam and Rachael (grandchildren); Kath and Margaret (sisters); and Rex (brother-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Stuart and Joanne Alford (also rep Kath and Peter Alford); Eric Thornalley (also rep David Thornalley); Pauline Wilkins; Richard Alford; Jane Coxell; Joanne Bird; Gillian Brooks; John Alford; David Alford; Mike Iremonger (also rep Betty Iremonger); Audrey Parkinson (also rep Rex; Mr and Mrs Harrison; Mr and Mrs Parnham); Ann Veal (also rep Sally Graham); Jane Culverhouse; Shirley Vessey; Jenny Goulsbra; Janet Melbourne; Brian Haywaner; Eileen and Richard Booth (also rep Norman Booth); Claire Entwhistle (also rep Mr D Tindall); Julian Canner; Stella Canner; Sandra and Alice Knights; Roy and Jennifer Stimson; Mr and Mrs Denis Ivatt (also rep Mr M Banks, Sarah Dyer and also Middle Rasen Bowling Club); Sarah Dyer; Sarah Mould.