Obituary: Christopher David Lancaster


The funeral for Christopher David Lancaster (Chris), aged 65 years of Redbourne, was held at Grimsby Crematorium.

Sandra Barker officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Chris was born at Brigg.

He spent the last 30 years working at Fox (Owmby) Ltd; his last occupation there, over the past five years, was as a weighbridge operator.

For a number of years Chris was a member of the Market Rasen Town Cricket and Association Football Club.

Family mourners were: Nikki and Gary Lancaster-Crone, Paula and Gary nelson, with Poppy (granddaughter), Mel and Mattie, with Daniel and Charlie, Gemma and John Boyle, Hayley and Amy Lancaster (daughters and families); Di and Ray New (sister and brother-in-law); Leanne and Andrew, Kylie and Steve, Jason and Tracey (nieces and nephews); Roy and Linda Marshall, Dorothy Marshall, Harry and Judy Quinn (auntie and uncles); Bill Marshall (rep Cynthia Marshall, auntie), Lesley Chambers (rep Bird Chambers, cousin, and family), Jayne and Robert Dangerfield (rep Debbie Quinn, cousin), David Marshall, Teresa Sellars (rep Malc Sellars), Steph and Don Westman (also rep Mr and Mrs Philip Westman), Vicky Thompson, Brian Marshall (rep Mrs J Marshall, Mr and Mrs I Noon), Paul Schmitt (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Alan Carter (also rep Football and Cricket Club); John Spalding; Glen Chambers; Eddie Burn (also rep Stuart Sanders and family); Mick Ware (also rep WLDC); David Clarke (also rep Peter Clarke); Derek Richards (also rep the family); Brian Hill; Bob Christie (also rep Sue and Dale); Paul and Rose Oakley; Neil Scott; Keith Baxter; Rod Fry; Neil Bennett; Andy Stuart; Sandra Cowan; Ron and Sandra Myland (also rep Andrew Myland, Adam and Kate Holvey, Les Flower, Brian and Margaret Duke, Alwyn and Chris Bell, Richard and Lesley Brewis, Jim and Maureen Kelham and also Bob and Sue Christie); Mr and Mrs P Taylor; Mr and Mrs P Allenson (also rep Mr and Mrs David Allenson); John Hebden; Sharon Yell (also rep Phil Yell and also Diane Bell); Ralph Larder; Brian and Jayne Eason; Leslie Barker; Mr Everton (also rep Michael Everton); A Forman; Les Tranter; Luke and Sarah Hemingway; Trevor and Jeanette Mettam; Tony and Pat Hall; Des and Lorraine Goulsbra (also rep David and Rita Goulsbra); Mr and Mrs Crane (also rep Damian and Silvy); Lisa Brumpton (also rep Richard Crane and also Colin Brumpton); Tony Allen; Simon Swaby; Daniel Shack; Gavin Widdison; Maxine Davies; Tim Gilberts; Lee Sutton; Mike Sawyer; Tony Clapson; Stephen Foxl; Rick Bland; Mr Houtby; Mr and Mrs Taylor (also rep Terry Chapman); Bob Davidson; Ian Williams (also rep Simon Bunn, Dale Christy); S Halford-Hall; Mr Booth; Mary Jane Booth; Julie Picksley; Mr and Mrs Phil Bodsworth; Byron and Sharon Hall; Mr and Mrs J Bolton (also rep Jane and Thomas Corden, Helen James, Mr and Mrs S Britton, Mrs M Taylor); Stella Tuplin (also rep Douglas Tuplin); Nigel Chambers; Kath Chambers (also rep Lindsey Chambers); Rita Jackson; Brian Hill; Alex Grantham; Felix Holt; Doug Coggan; David Shaw; Stuart and Wendy Lindsey; Ken Judson; Linda and John Palmer; Rosemary Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Ruth and Nick Mettam; Barry and Rosalind Maplethorpe; Stephen Walker (also rep Fox Plant); Talia Walker; Susan Walker; Pete Wood; Adam Fox; Stuart Benyan; John Leathley; Danielle Hawton; Elaine Barrett; Julie Picksley; Margaret Lyon; George Lyon (also rep Mark Lyon); Trevor Lock; Joanne Barrett; Dave Hockney; Sandra Hockney; Alan Taylor; Steve Moore; Sean Oliver (also rep A Carlton); Karen and Paul Woodall (also rep Paul Martin and also Robert Rowett); Ben and Joyce Williams (also rep Mr and Mrs S Bates); Tim Bradford; Noreen Bradford; Robert Bradford; Nev Chapman; Simon Wellock; Daniel Moncaster; J Stephenson (also rep Gill and Jeff Stephenson, Sue Brocklesby); Brian and Pam Reaney (also rep Sue and Chris Yorke); A Hubbard; Paul Sellars and Carol Sellars (also rep Robert Sellars); Stuart Sanders; Mr D Thompson; Andrew Parrott; Paul Wakefield (also rep Nick); Mr P C Smith (also rep Mr B Bonner); Paul and Sally Howard; Ken Langley; Mr and Mrs Graham Taylor; Shelly Clayton (also rep Mick and Paul Clayton); Eileen Brown; Alan Salmon; Jane Corden; John and Chris Corden; Fred Chamberlin (also rep David Chamberlin); Julie Craib (also rep Gordon Craib); Terry Norton; Neil Cooper; Steven Maplethorpe; David Spilman; Gerald Dawson; Stephen and Claire Fox; Karly Fox; Wendy Bean; Anthony Slack; Steve Clayton; Mr A Goulding; Graham Hockin; Wesley Boryszczuk; Kevin Slack; Lee Newton; Martin Dady; Simon Kike; Brian Kirk; Ron Butt; Mr and Mrs Boyle; Richard Hanton; Graham Davidson; Mr R A Pearce; Craig Korytnickyj (also rep the Korytnickyj family, Colin Bennett and also Market Rasen First Elevens Football Team); Pete Krakuw (also rep Fox Plant).