Obituary: Charles Robert Rowett

Bob Rowett EMN-151214-071749001
Bob Rowett EMN-151214-071749001

The funeral service for Charles Robert ‘Bob’ Rowett, aged 92 years of |Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Steve Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Bob was born at Bleasby Moor.

He worked as a haulage contractor until he retired.

Family mourners were: Michael and Maureen (son and daughter-in-law); Sue and Mike (daughter and son-in-law); Deb and Eain (granddaughter an partner); Gemma and Simon (granddaughter and husband); Ben and Laura (grandson and wife); Erin, Aiden, Charley, Betsy and William (great-grandchildren); Jean (sister); Mark and Lee Stephenson, Oliver Stephenson, Lorraine and Des Goulsbra, Mr and Mrs J Hewson, Mr and Mrs peter Blanchard, Ruth and Michael Waller, Mrs P noon (also rep Kevin and Richard), Stephen Hewson (also rep James and Paul), Alan Wilkinson, Mrs D Clark (rep Mr and Mrs D Sheldon), Dawn Cox (also rep Robin), Jackie Rhoades, Adam Rhoades, Gill Stephenson (also rep Jeff, Ida and family), Tony Blanchard (also rep Blanchard Taxis), Mr B Benson, Mr and Mrs M Brumby, Tina Stephenson (also rep Pat, Mandy, Ellie and Andrew), David and Katrina Noon (nephews, nieces and partners).

Friends at the service ere: Mr and Mrs W Johnson; Freda Horton; Catherine Garthwaite (also rep Rita Sharp and also Winnie Dunnett); Myra Mannion; Ann Kent; Bessie Kent; Dave Kent; Mr and Mrs E Roach; Jenny and Roy Stimson; Mr P Smart; Mr P Dalton (also rep Market Rasen W C); Gill Forster (also rep Adrian Tutty); Sue Salmon (also rep Alan Salmon); Alan and Lilian Cleverley; Dawn Brooks (also rep Gordon); Hilda Walters; Mr and Mrs C Bates; Susan and Alan Bratley; Mr and Mrs J Basford (also rep Mr and Mrs D Underwood and family); Vera Brisbane (also rep Fletcher Court); Frank Fieldsend; Jackie Harrison; Hazel Kirby; Mrs B Langley (also rep Mr and Mrs I Moore); Mrs Joyce King; Mr L Tranter; Charlotte and June True; Jason Bristow; Mollie Mitchell; Florence Chamberlain; Maisie Claxton (also rep Mr and Mrs F Nash); Mrs Webster (also rep Mr Lionel Webster); Mr A Upton; Mr Houtby; Mr and Mrs B Dannatt (also rep the family and also Mrs Woodley); John and Betty Logan (also rep Pat Douglas); Mrs M Sanders (also rep the family); Irene Green; Annette Gregory (Bowling); D Marwood (also rep Mrs E Barton); Mrs B McWeeney; John Codd; Ann Collins (also rep John Collins); Peter Hand; Mrs J Jarvill (also rep Mrs E Bennett); Andy Law; Mrs Lucht; Mr and Mrs B Ward; Margaret Strangward; Mr and Mrs Carr; Mrs Crampton; Joyce Rhodes (also rep Abigale and Roger Clark); Jean Easton; Joseph Gani; Carol Easton; David Roberts (also rep Sylvia Roberts); Isobel Law; Mrs M Woodhall; J Everton and family.