Obituary: Bert Tomlinson

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. EMN-160610-064634001

Bert Tomlinson, of Southrey, died in Lincoln County Hospital, aged 82.

He was born in Walesby on June 16, 1934, a brother to Roy, Alan and Doris.

He attended De Aston School in Market Rasen and then King Edward’s Grammar School in Louth.

Southrey was Bert’s family home for 30 years. A farmer born and bred, Bert had a passion for the countryside and the outdoor life.

He was a respected and treasured member of the local community.

Bert enjoyed getting involved in village life and activities, as well as helping out family and friends.

In 1983, he married Christine and they had two children, Sally and John.

He was a cherished husband, a devoted father, loved by all his family and will be greatly missed by both his family and friends.

His memory lives on and he will never be forgotten.

Family mourners were: Christine Tomlinson (wife); Sally Tomlinson (daughter); John Tomlinson (son); Laura Smithson; Roy Tomlinson (brother); Doris Woodall (sister); Alan Tomlinson (brother); Marian Tomlinson (sister-in-law); Peter Tomlinson, David Tomlinson (nephews); Sandra Payne; Jonathan Payne; Sheila Thompson; Malcolm Horner; Carol Horner; Kate Peters; Gary Peters; Michael Parczuk; Michelle Parczuk; Barbara Parczuk; Eddy Parczuk; Simon Parczuk; and Jo Parczuk. 

Friends at the service were: Tom Smithson; Marjorie Rodwell; Lisa Marshall; Andrew Marshall ; Caroline White; Ray White; Diane Marshall; Will Fraser; John Young; Rick Francis; Sue Francis; Janet Draycott; Dick Fox; Mark Fox; Christine Mapplethorpe (also representing Stuart, Diane and David); Joyce Rhodes; Eileen Wilkinson (also representing Les); Emily Littlehales; Grace Hardwick; Keith Knapton; Vi Knapton; Jane Kilmister; Julie Close-Mitchell; Norma Adair; Joan Thistleton; Ann Dixon; Pat Steel; Brian Steel; Michael Steel; John Freeman; James Lovaly; Angela Finney; James Finney; Sarah Finney; Nicolas Sharpe (also representing P M & Co); C M Cooper; Christine Wilson; David Wilson; Della Armstrong (also representing David Armstrong); Pat and Collin Kettle; Mr and Mrs R Tyson (also representing the family); Sandra and John Pacey; John and Angela Marshall; Richard Grayson (also representing Nicholsons); Valerie Wright; Ann Tilbrook; Brian and Elsie Fieldsend; Alan and Liz Steadman; Elizabeth Franklin; Stuart Franklin; Colin Carter; William Carter; Malcolm Rhodes; Darren Wilson; Samantha Jane Everton; Chris and Jean Burt; Glen Wilkinson; Ivor, Sally and Henry Moreton; Alec Tate; Ron and Pat Deaton; Rita Hippey (and daughter); Brian and Margaret Lundy; Mr and Mrs J Robinson; Marian Ambrose (also representing Neil and family); Robert Woodall; Elizabeth Woodall; Tony (Titch) Lee; Annis Brown (also representing Connie, Margaret and James Brown); Jayne Hayes (also representing Sean Hayes); Pat and George Rennie; Richard and Ann Stamp; Monica Bourn; Christopher Bourn (also representing Sally Bourn); A Johnson; Richard Hansard (also representing Monica Hansard); R Woodcock; J Eddison; B Francis; M Hetaty; A Robson; Mr and Mrs J Woodall; Sam White; James Robinson; Ian Young; John Edwards (also representing Lynne Edwards); Wendy and Philip Steadman; Mr and Mrs Jennings; Andy Marshall; Darryl Marshall; Karen Stevenson; Jane Marshall; Don and Bev Watson; Nick Parsons; Marleen and Don Acton; Harry and Betty PeakerFrita; Matthew and Robert Cox; Tom Collett; Robert Denness; Mrs F Gill; George Smithson; Mr and Mrs Pettitt; Joe Crust; James Padfield; Kristy Hill; Mark and Teresa Ward; Mr D Veer; Bob and Mandy Crawford; Jackie Jenkinson; Sam Woodcock; Scott Maplethorpe (also representing John Barter); Charlotte Weller; Bob and Jimmy Armstrong; Ted Goulsbra; and Ann Pepper.