Obituary: Bernard Harold Wilkinson

The funeral service for Bernard Harold Wilkinson, aged 85 years of Middle Rasen, was held at Middle Rasen Methodist Chapel.

The Rev Andrew Lomax officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born in Middle Rasen, Bernard had been a motor mechanic and proprietor.

He started work for Mr G Spensor, later Lane Ltd, and then in 1957, a successful partnership was formed with J East at Market Rasen Motor Co, where he stayed until retirement.

Bernard was a keen gardener and a member of Middle Rasen Horticultural Society, as well as the Methodist Church.

Family mourners were: Gary and Alison (son and daughter-in-law); Vicky, Liam and Leigh (grandchildren); Kacie (great-grandchild); Meg (sister-in-law); Lyn and Mick, Karen and Kev, Dave and Lucy (nieces and nephews); Charlotte, Vicky, Tracy, Francesca and Mark.

Friends at service were: Mr M Watson (also rep Mrs C Watson); Mr W F Smith; Mrs S Veitch; Mr D Islip; Mr and Mrs F Hildred (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs K Sowter; Mrs S Young; Mr J Marshall; Mr G Smith; Mrs J Richards; Mr P Smith; Mr and Mrs S Addison; V Havercroft and family; Mr W Collins; Mr and Mrs B Kirkby; Mr P Lloyd; Mr and Mrs D Wilkinson; Mrs M Stainton; Alan Pennell; Mr D Rowland; Mr W Hankins (also rep Pat and Ian Hardcastle); Mrs P Harding; Mrs E Blagojevitch (also rep Crossroads Stores); Mr and Mrs R Mattinson; Mr A R Farrow; Mrs R Goulsbra (also rep Dave); Mr and Mrs Oxley; Mrs J Turner (also rep Miss K Simpson); Joy Hansard; Mr P Watson; Mrs C East (also rep Mr J Codd); John Hildred; D W Johnson (also rep Mrs J B Johnson); Nancy Vernam (also rep Middle Rasen Lunch Club); John Cottingham (also rep Diane); Mrs A Naylor (also rep Mrs J Heath); Mr and Mrs K Knapton (also rep Mr and Mrs T Knapton); Mr and Mrs E Mulhall; C Canner; Vanessa Green; Fiona Statham; Mr and Mrs A Robinson (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs G Veal (also rep Miss K Simpson); Beverley Brisbane; Mr D Naylor; Mr and Mrs Sellars; Mr M Higham (also rep Mrs P Higham); Mr and Mrs F Bell; Kay Lawson; Mrs J Cook (also rep Mr B Cook); Mr R Myland (also rep Mrs S Myland, Mr A Holvey); Mrs E Pattison (also rep Mr D and Mrs V Pattison); Mr and Mrs P Burrows; B Hankins (also rep Angela; Rodger Fritzsche.