Obituary: Bernard Derek Halpenny

Garden news EMN-151229-093734001
Garden news EMN-151229-093734001

The funeral service for Bernard Derek Halpenny, aged 91, of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church. The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Born in Market Rasen, Bernard worked as a postal officer. He also served as a Justice of the Peace.

Family mourners were: Jean Halpenny (wife); Jeremy and Julie Halpenny (son and daughter-in-law); Jonathan Halpenny and Emily Wallis (son and fiancee); Louis and Alistair Halpenny (grandsons); Rose Halpenny (granddaughter); Mr and Mrs D R Hall, Mr and Mrs C C Hall, Mr and Mrs R A Hall, Mr P Hall (cousins); Mrs S Williams and C Dixon; Mr D Hall; Mrs D Leonard.

Friends at the service were: Ray New (also rep Mrs New); Judith Randall (also rep the Randall family and also Miss Elizabeth Smithson); John Bennett; Debbie Holvey; Spencer Holvey (also rep Adam Holvey); Michelle Inman; Mr and Mrs L Boyce; Graham White; Ivy Halpenny; Mr and Mrs John Evans; Nigel Halpenny; Paul Halpenny; Sheila Douglas; Christine Van der Graff; Dave Butler; Mr and Mrs R A Bradford; John Staves (also rep Andrea Staves); Mr J Jackson; Paul Grayson (also rep Sharon Grayson); Leslie and James Robinson; Pauline Uprichard (also rep Ian); Jenny Brundle; Paul and Katie Hiley; Mr and Mrs P Codd; Mr B Ward (also rep Shirley Ward); Mr and Mrs R Goodyear; Alistair Upton; Marion Hubbard; Pete and Ann Dixon (also rep the Dixon family); John Halpenny; Pauline Jones; Mike Iremonger; Mr and Mrs J Thompson; Mr Ken Parrott (also rep Ken Strawson); Mrs E Wilkinson (also rep Les Wilkinson); Mr and Mrs N Douglas; Liz and Chris Dickinson; Jean Lucas (also rep Market Rasen Racecourse); Colin and Jean Bates; S Benfield; Rachel Benfield; William Inman; Simon Inman; Anne Inman; Rebecca Evans.