Obituary: Barbara Pixsley

The funeral for Barbara Pixsley of Middle Rasen took place at the parish church.

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Linda Smith and Pauline Birch (daughters); Mark and Scott Birch (rep Kate and Gabriel), Natasha Lee (rep Kevin and Jessica), Kayleigh Ealden and Charlotte Smith (rep Ollie), Laura Bugbee (grandchildren); Claire Birch (daughter-in-law); Maya and Lorien Birch, Dorothy Ealden (great-grandchildren); Ashley Bugbee; June and George Pixsley; Mr and Mrs Newton (brother and sister-in-law, rep Gary and Christine); Rose Pixsley (sister-in-law) and Pete; Billy Perkins (cousin); Dave Franklin.

Friends at the service were: Stephanie and Robert Gilliott, Sadie Lewis, Bernice Locking, Chris Jewell, Dave Taylor, Joan Birch, Norman and Angela Palmer, Pamela Lamont, Jude and Richard Withers (all close family friends); Jenny Lewis; Mrs M Stamp; Brian and Carol Ashley; Ray Halstead (rep the family); Mr and Mrs F Sellars; Margaret Stainton; Mr P Orton; Jonny Wilson-Forbes; Vanessa Havercroft (rep the family); Mr and Mrs W Hankins (also rep David and Rita Goulsbra); Mrs R Burnett (also rep Carol).