Obituary: Audrey Cox

The funeral service for Audrey Cox, aged 85 years of Tealby, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Elaine Turner and the Rev Annabel Barber officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Audrey was born in Arnold, East Riding of Yorkshire, and was married to Martin for 64 years.

Family mourners were: Martin (husband); Susan Webster (daughter); Bridget and Jon Pannell (daughter and son-in-law); Louise and Tom Rosling (daughter and son-in-law); Dinah Shaw (daughter); Sarah Fraser, William Shaw, Alex and Victoria Shaw, Emma Pannell, Annabel Pannell (grandchildren); Eva Shaw (great-granddaughter).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs G M Cooper (also rep M L Perkins); Andrea Doyle (also rep Brian Doyle and also Tealby WI); Dinah Williams (also rep Derek Williams); David and Elizabeth Speirs; Dr and Mrs R A Campbell; Michael Shaw; Richard and Pat Jones; Mrs D Stones (also rep Mrs M Allerston); Mrs E Boothroyd; Mrs M Vergette (also rep Mrs H Hughes and also Market Rasen and District Golf Club); S Walgate; Mrs Johnstone; Richard Richardson; James Walgate (also rep Matthew Walgate); M Inglis; Mrs A Hewitt; Mrs Q Spink; Elizabeth Speirs (also rep Tim Speirs, Mr and Mrs C Warr); Jane Dyas (also rep British Growers Association); Mr and Mrs E Harland; Susan Hilton; A Harland; Mrs M P James; Mr Thornalley (also rep Mrs K Thornalley); Mrs S Holm-Johansen; Mr and Mrs J Siddall; James Reid; Andrew and Betty Dalrymple; Pat Sharpley; V Doig; Mr and Mrs R Shannon; Mr and Mrs D Richardson-Eames; Mr and Mrs J Speck; Mrs J Albone (also rep Mrs R Jackson); Geoff Brown (also rep Anne Brown); Mrs L M Smith; Mrs A Richards; Susan Stamp; Penny Nott (also rep Hugh Nott); Tom Wood; Anne Wood; Jane North (also rep Mr and Mrs M Riggall); Bob Marris (also rep R M S Chartered Accountants); Mrs B Riggall; Hilary Brown (also rep Would Care Services); Mrs Heslop; Mrs N Madden; Jill Emmerson; Mr and Mrs Reed (also rep Mr and Mrs Baggott); Mrs Brislin (also rep Mr Starr); Mr and Mrs Cooper; Mrs J Cadlock (also rep Mrs J Basker); Mr and Mrs Spears; Mr and Mrs Brady (also rep Mrs Mortimer and also Tealby Bowls Club); Mrs R Hayes (also rep Commander M Hayes); Mrs F Murphy; Mrs D Cottingham (also rep Mrs M Green); Mrs J Jones; Mr and Mrs A Robinson; Mrs J Burkitt (also rep John); Mrs J Green (also rep Mrs N Addison); Mrs I Fowler (also rep I Fowler); Mrs A McCulloch; Mrs B Holmes (also rep ladies’ section Market Rasen Golf Club); Mrs R Robinson (also rep Mr M Robinson, Mr and Mrs M Pilkington, Mr R Jagger); Mr and Mrs Savage; John Cox; Mrs A N Kerr; Mr and Mrs J Wallace; Mr and Mrs H Phill (also rep Mr S Phill); Mr and Mrs J Feather; Mr and Mrs P A Addison; Mr and Mrs Burrows (also rep Mrs B Brown); Mr L Johnson; Mr J Todd; Mr and Mrs G Douglas (also rep Mrs M Parks); Mrs B Scott Gunn; Mrs J Woodward (also rep Sarah Tyson, Peter Sanders, Sue Barson); Mr M Hardy (also rep Mrs P Wood); Mrs J O’Toole (also rep Mrs S White); Mr J Spencer (also rep Mrs A Spencer, Mrs S Heath); Mr and Mrs Hurd; Mrs S Oglesby; Mrs I Strawson (also rep the Strawson family); Mr and Mrs D Addison (also rep Mrs H Burt); Mrs L Green (also rep Peter Green, Mrs G Stafford); Mrs N Baillie; Mrs C Hardy (also rep Mr J Lawson); Mr and Mrs B Strawson; Mr R Herring; Mrs S Mowbray; Mr and Mrs Vickers; Viv Hildred and Carol Davison (also rep Waterloo House).