Obituary: Anthony Ivor Albert Pywell


The funeral service of Anthony Ivor Albert Pywell, aged 82 of Holton le Moor, was held at the parish church, where he served as churchwarden.

Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Tony was born in Benefield, Northamptonshire.

His working life was spent as a market research manager in the chemical industry.

In his early life, he spent his National Service in the army, with the Northamptonshire Regiment.

Family mourners were: Richard and Beverley Pywell (son and daughter-in-law); Robert, Lisa and Michael Pywell (son, daughter-in-law and grandson); Philip and Katie Pywell (son and daughter-in-law); Elizabeth, Ian and Oliver Longworth (sister, brother-in-law and nephew); Jeff and Mavis Rowlett (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); James and Susie Rowlett (nephew and wife).

Friends at the service were: Malcolm Rowe; Jane Beeson (also rep Mr and Mrs David Bradbury, Ed Cooper and also Kelsey Group of Churches); Mr and Mrs P Appleyard (also rep Mr and Mrs D Jackson); Mr and Mrs John Bennett (also rep Mrs J Rhodes); Margaret King and David King; Sheila Brislin (also rep Middle Rasen Horticultural Society); Sheila Robinson; Tom Robinson; Gwen Bain (also rep Walter Bain); Jean Childs; Charlie and Philippa Fleetwood; Chris and Jane Burdett; Chris and Ian Muir (also rep Mary Nelson); Max and Katie Chapman (also rep St Luke’s); Christopher Brown; Heather Appleyard and Ben Sykes; Kate Hancock; Karen Wiles; Kate Brown and Laurence Brown (also rep Emily Brown); Jill Grant; Lesly Alderson (also rep Richard Alderson); Jean Threlfall; Audrey Pywell; Christopher Lee; Barbara Parrott; Janice and Alan Woodcock; Christopher Bratley (also rep Lana Kenchington and also Hazera Seeds); Sheila Lamming (also rep Girl Guiding Lincs North); Ann Lynn; June and David Dillan; Sheila Wilmott (also rep Mr and Mrs Graham Sexton); Mrs H Clayton (also rep Mr D Binns); Mr and Mrs P Burke; Malcolm Boot; Gillian Bennett (also rep Richard Bennett and the Bennett family); Jonathan Gibbons; Karen Spittle; John Moody; Rita Moody (also rep Emma and David Bradbury; Stan Perry); Philip and Lesley Kireja (also rep Patrick); Michael Inglis; Sheila Heath (also rep Nicola and Andrew); Debbie Gilliott (also rep Amanda and Steve Drury); Lauren Gillott; Mr and Mrs N Ware; Margaret Husband; Greta White (also rep Mr and Mrs G Cade); Brian Scott; Elaine Bramwell (also rep Paul and Rebecca); Diana Coggon (also rep Emma and David Bradbury); Janet Byatt (also rep Barry and Megs Graham Rack); Archie and Jean Dodds; Andrew, Kim and Olivia Palmer; Sharon and Rhiannon Pickering (also rep Geoff Pickering); David Smith; Colin Nichols.