Obituary: Angela Lister

The funeral service for Angela Lister, aged 70 years, took place at St Peter and St Paul’s Church Caistor, followed by committal at the Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by the Rev Canon Ian Robinson.

Family mourners attending: Peter Lister (husband); Dawn Roberts (daughter); Mark Roberts (son-in-law); Moya Young (sister); Raymond Young (brother); Nicholas Young 
and Tracey Dixey (brother and partner); Dennis Lister, John Sheeran, (brothers-in-law); Karen Young (sister-in-law); Mark and Sarah Sheeran (nephew and wife); Rachael and Ash Young, Samantha and Ross Keeler (nieces and husbands); Martin Young and Claire McCalman (nephew and partner); Megan Sheeran, Chloe Sheeran (great-nieces); Christina Ashley (cousin) and Patrick Mitchell; Clare Sheeran.

Others attending: Mike and Sally Plume; Louis and Robina King; 
Roly and Olga Clark; Tony Lucas; 
Judith Twell; David and Jill Naylor; 
eter and Carol Swaby; Ralph and Jean Copp; John and Enid Fowler; Nick and Marilyn Robey; Alan and Annie Hooker; Colin and Sandra McKay; Geoff and Hilary Lane; Mark and Lyn Caton (also rep Gemini); Mick and Kathy Johnson (also rep Andrew Johnson); Mr and Mrs C Atkin (also rep Darren, Rebecca and family); Chris and 
Sharon Robey (also rep Systematic Print Management); Alan and Lynda Saxton (also rep Stuart Saxton and Joanne Love); Neil and Angela Clark (also rep Tania, Will and Thomas 
Hyde, New Zealand, Colin and Lynn Brumby, Bruce and Joyce Curtis); Graham and Margaret Smith (also 
rep Superintendent Coxon Dave Steenvoorden, Sarah Bailey, RNLI community fundraising manager); Harry Minns; Ian Davy; Alan Caine; Ian Dixon; Robert Hollings; Mike Broster; Chris Bettany; Colin Wood; Dave Doyle; Robert Clark; Mike Corbey (also rep Ivy Corbey); Don Morgan (also rep Kath Morgan); Adam Reilly (also rep Ethan and Rafe Reilly, Jemma Taylor); Andy Young (also 
rep Veronica Young and Bob and Anne Johnson); Deborah Barker; Zoe Harrison; Valerie Waddington; Helena Twell; Judith Redfearn; Angela Davis; Lisa Kelly; Lynda Wharton; Karen Hyde; Sue Pearce; Emma Froggatt; Lesley King; Tracey Brown (Systematic); June Gaughan; Linda Loveday; Tracy Twell; Barbara Edge; Christine Yull; Margaret Bettany; Veronica Burnett; Marion Barrow; Diane Whitehead; Betty Reid; Jane Chapman; Pat Jacklin (also rep Roy Jacklin); Julie Holt (also rep Yvonne Holt); Diane Good (also rep Good family); Sue Key (also rep Ged and Gav); Carol Pixsley (also rep Kate Jacob); Freda Lockington (also rep Bettie Hyde); Beverley Green (also rep Judy Havercroft); Margaret Glentworth (also 
rep Ivy Corbey); Phyllis Hollings (also rep Terry and Pat Vann); Maureen 
Suddaby (also rep Michael Suddaby); Pam Cluff (also rep Gill Mycroft, 
Social Services); Kathleen Martin (also rep Anthony and Sharon); Rachel Topp (also rep Boots Pharmacy, Caistor); Janet Chamberlin (also rep Nigel and Kim Bemrose); Debbie Clark (also rep Howsham Park Committee); Mary Reeve and Julie Sargent (also rep Papershop); Dot Hardwick (also rep Pete and Margaret Bennett); Carol Montgomery (also rep Lynn Chapman and Tina Earls); Debbie McKitton (also rep Terry McKitton and Wendy Wells); Norma Radcliffe (also rep John Radcliffe and Len and Polly Chapman).

Arrangements were by J W Emberson.