Obituary: Andrew Morgan

Former De Aston headmaster Andrew Lloyd Morgan, aged 88 of South Willingham, was remembered at a Thanksgiving Service in St Thomas’s Church, Market Rasen.

The Rev Richard Lloyd Morgan officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

The Rev Paul Fuller conducted the earlier service at Lincoln Crematorium.

Andrew was born in Aberystwyth.From 1942 to 1945, he served in the Royal Navy, during which time he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

From 1948 to 1964 he was a history teacher at Jedburgh School, before coming to De Aston as Headmaster, where he spent the next 20 years. In 1984, he left the school to become an advisory headteacher for Lincolnshire, spending two years in the role.

Andrew was also chairman of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Wages Board until 1982 and received the MBE for his work.

Family mourners were: Jilyan Morgan (wife, unable to attend as she was too unwell); Lokadhi, Sarah and Rachel (daughters); Taradasa (son); all four grandchildren; Christopher and Anne Stephens; David Reffell; Kate Brown; John Monk; Mr and Mrs R Harvey; Mr J L Morgan.

Friends at the service were: Captain David Tall RN; Motley Brant (also rep Corinne); Mark Hill; Richard Williams; Jill Crampton; Sheila Lancaster; Simon Le May (also rep Andrew and James Le May); Richard Brewis (also rep Lesley Brewis, Mrs Campbell); G M Cooper (also rep M L Perkins); Jane Young; John and Enid Fowler (also rep Market Rasen Choral Society); Richard and Sarah Ingram Hill (also rep Paul Winterbourne and family (Australia)); Mr and Mrs Peter Hartle; Nicholas Pope; Kate Williams; Graeme and Iris Wallace (also rep Heather Howard); Marcus Edmundson; Jenny Brundle (also rep Dawn Helmn); Neil Taylor; Julie Taylor; Ellenor Beighton (also rep De Aston School); Maureen Ferguson (also rep Paul Ferguson); Angela Davis (also rep Market Rasen Choral Society); Cynthia Bunch (also rep Fairfax Society); Mr and Mrs Jones (also rep Mr and Mrs A H Neal, Rosalind Boyce); Audrey Ward (also rep Alison Martin, Jacqui Ward, Sheila Swinfen); June Staves (also rep Terry Staves and family); Mr E C Gledhill (also rep Mrs P McGowan, Mrs D Pymer); the Rev Paul Fuller (South Willingham); Mrs J Lingard; Mrs H Pennelegion; Mr and Mrs Gray; Mr and Mrs Grayson; Mr and Mrs Wilson (also rep Mrs D Layer, Mrs J Sylvester); Mrs Dipple; Mr and Mrs Taylor; Mr and Mrs Rowson; Mandy Rowson; Mrs M Sykes; Mr and Mrs A Bray; Mr and Mrs H Bray; Mr J Lamming; the Rev D Inkpin (also rep Mrs Inkpin); Mr and Mrs A McFarlane; Mr M Harrison (also rep The Headmaster Association); Mr and Mrs J Donocik (also rep Mr and Mrs P Cutts, Mr and Mrs R Seward); Mrs L Carlile; Mr B Tasker (also rep Mrs V Tasker); Mr G Bird; Mrs S Lamming; Mr P Hiley (also rep Mrs K Hiley, Miss R Sheppard); the Rev A Hawes; Mr E Double; Mr C Dickinson; Cathy Turner (also rep Andrea Goforth, nee Lysnar; Lynda Harrison, Kenny; Anne Thomson, nee Leys; Carol Graham, nee Forder, and also Professor Fiona Stafford) (Class of 1971).