Obituary – Andrew Kirk

Andrew Kirk
Andrew Kirk

THE sudden and untimely death of Andrew Kirk, at the premature age of 43, came as a great shock to his family and many friends, both locally and over a wide area on the motor-cycle racing circuit, where he was affectionately referred to as ‘Baz’.

He was very well known and respected as a motor-cycle racing enthusiast and, while he had competed all over the country and in the Isle of Man in the sport he loved, it was while spending a few days with a friend in Yorkshire that he died without any warning. He collapsed at the wheel of his van, with his friend Stuart Edward as passenger, as they were returning to Stuart’s home where he was staying after going out on an errand.

Stuart tried to revive Andrew when he realised he had lost consciousness, with police and paramedics taking over when they arrived, but sadly their efforts were in vain.

He is survived by his wife Michelle, daughter Jasmine, sister Sarah and his parents Denis and Iris Kirk of Lissington.

Andrew was born at Bleasby Moor and grew up in the village, first attending Legsby County Primary School before completing his education at De Aston School, Market Rasen.

He worked on the land for John Dring of Legsby until he gained his HGV licence and became a lorry driver. More recently, he had set up and was running his own property maintenance business in Lincoln.

He lived in Market Rasen for ten years, before moving to the city in 2001, where he met his wife to be Michelle and the couple were married at the Lincoln Hotel in 2005.

Andrew’s interest in bikes began at a young age and in his teens he was a member of the Bust Speedo Motor Cycling Club. He then progressed to racing, where Cadwell was always his favourite circuit.

While he competed at many other national venues over the years, including 10 times at the Isle of Man, it was always his great ambition to ride in the TT Races. He was thrilled to realise his ambition shortly before he died.

After competing safely in a dangerous sport for so long, all who knew him were particularly saddened that his life should end so suddenly away from the racing circuit that gave him so much pleasure.

Andrew served as a member of the Derby Phoenix Motor Cycling Club Committee and many of his friends from the racing world joined the congregation at Lincoln Crematorium which was filled to over flowing for his funeral service.

The Rev Hugh Middleton, who grew up in Market Rasen, conducted the service and read a tribute written by Andrew’s dad Denis, and his close friend Stuart Edward read his own personal and emotional tribute.

Funeral arrangements were made by the Lincoln Co-operative Society.

Thanks go to everyone who donated so generously to the charity the family had chosen to benefit, as they were able to forward £595 to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

Family mourners present were: Michelle Kirk (wife); Jasmine Kirk (daughter); Denis and Iris Kirk (dad and mum); Darran and Sarah Challis (sister and brother-in-law): Barry and Rose Grantham (father-in-law and mother-in-law); Philip and Skeeta Vear (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Brent Rea and Paul Rea (brothers-in-law); Violet Vear (niece); Cliff and Gill Kirk (uncle and aunt, representing Edna Kirk, grandma); Mr and Mrs Alan Tomlinson, Brian and Ann Bilton, Michael and Brenda Gilman (uncles and aunts); John Atkin, Reuben Atkin (uncles); Ron Vear (cousin, representing Walter Vear, uncle); Roy and Elsie Kirk, Colin Green (representing Ann Green), Mr and Mrs Nigel Green, Paul and Wendy Atkin, Adam Atkin, Dereck Vear and Helen White, Mark and Wendy Atkin, Wayne Atkin, Shaun Atkin, Jimmy and Maureen Bond, David Tomlinson (representing Peter Tomlinson), Stephen and Helen Gilman, Richard Gilman, Paul and Heather Kirk, Mark and Marie Lawson, David and Jessica Bilton (cousins).

Friends present included: Jules Croft; Tracy Atkin; Shane Southward; Rick Owen; Mick Pinner and Denis Moore (Norfolk); Adele Antingham; Beatrice Biondi; Adam Nowell; Mick Charnock and Adrian Cox (Isle of Man); Thelma Surfleet (representing Derek Nawton); Keith and Elizabeth Halifax; Audrey South (representing Peter South); Sarah Couth; Marie South; Oddy and Johnny (members of 5 Derby Phoenix MCC); Paul and Paula Morrison; Megan Morrison; Andrew White (representing Sally White); Mr and Mrs B Linton; Paul Garton (Bardney Racing); Caron and Philip Creaser (Lincoln Motor Bikes); Mr D Desforge; Mark and Michelle Barrand; Julian Wilders; Dale Greaves; Kev and Sharon o’Brian; Stephen Barnes; ‘Grot’; Jackie Ford; Wendy Croft; Mr and Mrs G Lichfield; Pete Dixon; Gary Cartlidge; Paul Elleker; Stuart and Julia Edwards; Georgina Creaser; Ivan Linton; Robert Symcock and Deborah Leah; Val Cooper; Tilly Martin (representing John Martin); Mr and Mrs Challis; Sylvia Briggs; Mr and Mrs R Ward; Tony Lee; Stuart Lee; Mr and Mrs D Richardson; Mandy Carter; Peter Boast; John Wilson; Keith Burchell; Mr and Mrs Cotton; Darren Tritton; Adam Nix; Chris Barratt; Michael Hand (representing Geoff Hand); Alan Hicks; Jane Wash; Richard Prescott and Hymie Bentley; Andy Daniels; Peter Shucksmith; Tom and Claire Cooney; Michael and Barbara Stoneham; Andy Pullen; Mr T Barnes; Nikki Blades; Nigel and Julie Regester; Robert Cook; Kenny Cromar; Stephen Hansard; David Smith; John Hebden; Mark Hebden (representing D and S Hebden); Mr Minnion; Geoff Shearing (representing Mr P Shearing); Trev Shelton; Debbie Morris; Emma Brumpton; George Corner; Peter Turnbull; Alex Aitken; Stephen Smith; Stephen Johnston; Jamie Harrison; Cyril Jeffrey (representing Retford and District Motor Cycle Club); Suzy and Tanya; Trish Robinson (representing John Robinson); Jeanette Hall; Amber Shepherd; Justin Croft; Mrs T Robinson (representing Mr T Robinson); Alec Sillson; Shane Holden; Mark Carnell and others.