Obituary: Andrew Glyn White

. EMN-161224-122352001
. EMN-161224-122352001

The funeral service for Andre (Jock) White, aged 54 of North Kelsey, was held at Woodlands Crematorium.

Father Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jock was born in North Kelsey and had his own gardening business.

He also undertook voluntary work for Barnardo’s in Falkirk and was a volunteer carer for a man in London.

His chosen cause was Sangreat Kennels in North Lincolnshire.

Family mourners were: Myrah White (mother); Alex Turner (son); Danielle Gloyne (girlfriend); Darren White (brother); Carol White (sister-in-law); Wesley White (nephew); Don Grundy (uncle); Pat and Colin Grundy (auntie and uncle); Robin Grundy (uncle); Ruby White (aunt, also rep John White); Sharon Grundy, Julie Stansfield, Lisa Grundy, Andy Johnson, Steve White and Mick White (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Nick and Lesley Balderson; Mr and Mrs B Martin; Miss D J Martin; Mrs S Colebrook; Arthur Whitelam; Nicholas Turner, Diane Goulden, Allison McNeish and Sally Doughty (rep the Diocese of Lincoln); Anne Birch (also rep Keith); Mrs J Jackson; Mr and Mrs R Howsham and family (also rep North Kelsey Primary School); Mr and Mrs S Cadey; Sarah Fletcher; Margaret Stark; Yvonne Stark; Barry Gissing; Mr S Harrison; Vicky Barnett; Graham and Susan Wright; Miss L Grundy; Coral Langton (also rep Liam); Mr D and Mrs R Morwood; Steve Howe; Kev Wade; Bill Bramhill; Jean and John Bramhill; Andrew Johnson; Keith Blackburn; Mr and Mrs Simon Larder; Lynne Bilenky; Darren and Emily Horstwood; Emma Horstwood; Alan and Brenda Cross (also rep Michael and Joyce Clayton); Mr and Mrs D Spolton; Rodger and Anne Patrick; Richard Patrick; Rex and Linda Horstwood; Andrew Smith; Liam Smith; Johnny Smith; Tracey Smith; Terry and Sandra Borrill (also rep the Gissing family); Pat Dawkins; Guy Morwood; Ian and Carolyn Morwood; John Weston; Stan Grunby; Meg and Chris Bainbridge; Richard Dent; Donna Wilkinson; Michael Thompson; Jude Dawson; Rick Dawson; Jane Bailey; Josh Dawson; Jim Dennis; Stuart and Linda Neve; Rowland and Angela East; William East; Elizabeth Harwood; Melvin Gray; David Brown; Peter Brown; Helen and Richard Umpleby; Jane and Natalie Palmer; John and Les Clark (also rep N Clark); Simon Colbert; Steve Speed; Darrell Bell; Paul Wright; Paul and Laurides Latham; Jo Turner; Judith Clark (also rep Judy McKenzie); Sandra and Rod Darker; Theo Webb and Jean Brunston; Lauren Jacques; Lucy Evans; Christopher and Johanna Hurtley; Nicole Williams; George, Arthur and Emily Gissing; Andy Johnson; and others.