Obituary: Allan Herring

The funeral service for farmer Allan Herring, aged 80 of Lissington, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Suzanne Herring (wife); Jayne and Gordon Rowles (daughter and son-in-law); Victoria Herring (daughter) and Andrew Bennett (partner); Matthew and Louise Herring (son and daughter-in-law); Mr and Mrs E H Herring, Mr and Mrs J Herring (brothers and sisters-in-law); Mr K Strawson (brother-in-law); Kim Strawson (niece) and Des Fountain (partner); Mr and Mrs D Speed (niece and husband); Mr and Mrs C R Hansard, Mr and Mrs M J Hansard, Mr and Mrs G Johnson (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Mr N Hansard (brother-in-law) and Miss J Tyson (partner).

Friends at service were: Mr H Bates; Mr G M Cooper; Freda Horton; Trevor Moss; Robert Miller (also rep Hemswell Antique Dealers); Mark Fox; Roy Tomlinson (also rep Bert Tomlinson); Stephen Turley (also rep Gerald Cooper); David Todd; PC Smith (also rep Mrs Smith and Mr and Mrs Pears); Richard Stamp; Chris Randle; Philip Spilman (also rep Chris Doughty); Mrs N Spilman; Alan Pennell (also rep Geoff and Tracy Pennell of Rasen Appliances and Beds); Dickie and Ann Buckley (also rep Frank Smith); Eric Dixon; Thomas and Tracey Chalk; Barbara Baker; Gordon Baker; Nigel Douglas; John Carter (also rep Mrs M Carter); Richard Grayson (also rep Nicholson’s); Andrew Brown (also rep NFU); Roy and Elizabeth Hairsine; Jim Grant; Mr and Mrs Honey; Clifford Page; William Carter (also rep Peter, Lynne, Rick and Rachel Carter); Mr K Strawson (also rep the family); Anne Patinson; Gwen Carrick; Mrs M Fox (also rep Mr G Ranby); Hugh Bourn (also rep the family); Nigel Dring (also rep Ryan Dring and J G Dring LTD); Alan Tomlinson (also rep Mrs C Lancaster and Mr and Mrs R Lancaster); Mrs R Miller; Miss V Sharp; T R Fox (also rep J Coulson and C and R Anderson); Mr A Wheeldon; Mark Dixon; Toby Dixon; Steve Bierlein; Karla Bierlein; Amanda Clayton (also rep Ian Clayton); Mr and Mrs G Neesham; Tony Wells (Hemswell Dealer); Peter and Jean Rowles (also rep Derek and Jenny); Charles and Sally Carter (also rep R A Carter); Melonie Brunton (also rep staff at Middle Rasen Primary School); John Robinson; Leslie and Mary Wilson; Brian and Janice Cook (also rep the Cook and Watson family); Richard and Mark Harrison; Mrs M Howard (also rep Sam, Alec and Tom Howard also Mary and Ian Robins); Charles Pickering (also rep Barbara Pickering); Mathew Neesham; Andrew Neesham; Melissa Hodds; Laura Kirkwood; Mr and Mrs Straw (also rep D Straw); Len Johnson; Mike Perkins; Brendon Begley (also rep The Chestnuts); Richard Branch (also rep IFM insurance and the Wilmot Family of Hall Farm); Mr D W Johnson (also rep Mrs J B Johnson); G Mowbray; B Rowe; P Gould; Eric Johnson (also rep Carrie Johnson); Sue Rawlins (also rep Nick Rawlins and the family); John Draper; Paul Lucas (also rep Jean Lucas); Mrs S M Veitch; Gordon Mapplethorpe (also rep Christine Mapplethorpe); Des Fountin; Janet and Graham Canon; Pat Grant (also rep Mrs J Grant, Jenny Barrett and the family); George Starling; John Shepherd