Obituary: Alexander Spilman

THE funeral service for Friesthorpe farmer Alexander Spilman, aged 80 years, was held in the parish church, where he had served as church warden for 60 years

Alex was born in Grasby.

He was a working farmer, both arable and as a Simmental beef breeder, and had an active involvement in all of his farm’s business activities from arriving at Manor Farm in 1951.

Alex was also a founder member of the Eastern Simmental Cattle Society.

The Rev Charles Patrick and the Rev Chris Harrington officiated at the service in St Peter’s Church and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Nellie Spilman (wife); Susan and Nicholas Rawlins (daughter and son-in-law); Phillip and Zara Spilman (son and daughter-in-law); Thomas Rawlins, Alyssia Rawlins, Isabella Spilman and Helena Spilman (grandchildren); Jennifer Spilman (niece); Derek Spilman, Geoffrey Spilman (nephews); Barbara and Roger Pask, Vera and Alan Clark, Stewart Clark, Louise Scott, Marjorie Spilman, Keith Spilman, Ann and Don Waddingham, Mr and Mrs Paul Waddingham, Barbara and John Pears, Kath Dawson (cousins); Michael Edmonds (rep Val Mont and family – cousins); Joyce Heath (sister-in-law, rep Marion and Rodney Clark); David and Barbara Heath (nephew and wife); Michael and Rachel Heath (nephew and wife); George Heath (rep Heath family – cousins); Betty Lyon.

Friends at the service were: Richard and Monica Hansard; N Baxter (also rep Janet Baxter); Mr and Mrs G W Baxter; Mr and Mrs P Baxter; Mr J Moore (also rep Mr C Moore); Stuart and Shirley Dickinson; Mike and Denise Dennett; D Waby; Mary Hall; Ron Harrison (also rep John Wood); John Stead; Brian and Joyce Pugh; Ian Mair (also rep Cathy Mair); Mr and Mrs Ray Curtis; Mr and Mrs Derek Williams (also rep Mrs Sue Robinson); Mr and Mrs G Wallace; Mr and Mrs C Doughty; Yvonne Rowe; Mr and Mrs Bob Carter; Mr and Mrs M Sentence (also rep Mr and Mrs P Hodgson); John Cottingham (also rep Diane); R Fox; Roy Hairsine (also rep Elizabeth); Mr and Mrs Tony Wheeldon; Mr and Mrs Thomson; Trevor and Jean Minnett; Don and Chris Brown; John and Jenny Northing; James and Susan Bowser; Mrs J Cook (also rep B Cook); Phil and Emma Gibbons; Sam and Margaret Howard and Tom (also rep Alec); Janet Pearce (also rep the family); David Rollinson; Tricia Rollinson; Bill Kiley; John and May Bennett; Mr and Mrs B Herrick; Albert Daniels; Sarah Kinsey; Mr and Mrs Mike Dennett; Mrs M Arnold; Mr G W Ranby; Harold Page and Linda; Charles Mailing; Mr and Mrs Patrick Grisdale; Mrs S Lingard (also rep Mr L Lingard); Mr and Mrs Alan Robinson; Zoe Nash; Robert Turner; John Turner; Eric Lee; G L Coles and Sons; Gordon Mapplethorpe (also rep C Mapplethorpe); Patrick Grisdale (also rep Glanford Vale Lodge No 05169); Mr and Mrs Mark Fox (also rep Mr and Mrs David Straw); Jim Grant; Jean Stevenson; Pat Thurston (also rep ESC); Tom and Sarah Hill; Mr and Mrs K Green (also rep Phillip Green); Tom and Kath Bunford; Mr and Mrs R J Carter; Mr D B Hall; Colin Mitchell-Smith; Colin Horton; Mr and Mrs Arnold Lingard (also rep Mr and Mrs A Shepherd, Stewart Rodger, Mr and Mrs Trevor Gratton and also Brigg and District Farm Women’s Club); Nigel S Carlyle; James Robinson; Mr and Mrs P Baxter; Mr T Arnold; Mr and Mrs S J Swaby; Mr J P Evans; Mr G Smith; Mr K Knapton; Mr and Mrs H L Kaye (also rep Mr and Mrs Nigel Carlyle); Mrs N Spalding; Mr and Mrs Daubney; Mr E Backus (also rep Mr and Mrs C Waite); Mr G M Cooper (also rep M L Perkins); Mrs K Lacey; Mr H Hansard (also rep J Hansard); Mrs V Paul; Denis Hoyes; Paul Hoyes; Mr P Mettam (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs D Lamming (also rep Mr and Mrs H Markham); Mr P C Smith (also rep Mr G B Smith); Mrs J Rhodes; Mrs M Stamp; Mrs E Jennings; Mr and Mrs R J Vickers; Mr J Harrington; Mr and Mrs Steele; Mr G Smith (also rep Mrs J Smith and also Lorna Martin, Katy and Graham); Mr J Carter; Mr S King; Mr C R Green; Mr E H Green; Mr R Hoyes (also rep Barnaby Patchett – Hubbards Seeds); Mr G Hoyes; Mr J Stephenson; Mr D Pattison (also rep Mrs E Pattison, Mr and Mrs R J Barker); Mr and Mrs J Cooper; Mr S Griffin; Mr K Timmins; Mr R Clarke; Mr and Mrs A Herring; Mr M Cooper (also rep Mrs F Cooper); Mr and Mrs Fussey; Mr and Mrs Mason; Mr N Hollingsworth; Mr P Carter; Mr and Mrs J Hunt; Ivor Anyan (also rep Ruth Anyan); Mr R Harrison; Mr V Harrison; Mr B Lundy (also rep Mrs M Lundy, M Horton); Mr P Daniels; Mr J Dickinson (also rep the Dickinson family); Mrs C Mumby; Mrs N Daborn; Mr and Mrs M Maddison; Mr P Langley; Coun William Parry; Mr J Northing; Mr S Cartwright; Mr P Thornalley (also rep Mrs K Thornalley); Mr J Cowan (also rep P Cowan); Mrs M Robins (also rep Mr I Robins); Mrs J Donovan; Mr P Grant (also rep Mrs J Grant); Mr and Mrs R Pears; Mr R Herbert (also rep Mrs M Herbert); Mrs J Smith (also rep the Hamson family); Mr and Mrs Cox (also rep David Cox); Mr J Clark (also rep Mrs S Clark); Mr R Green (also rep Mrs M Green); Mr J Burkitt (also rep the Burkitt family); Mr C Pickering; Mr R Godfrey; Mr and Mrs Richards; Becky Hale; Declan Greene; Darren Samuels; Jim Cowan.