Obituary: Alec Clark


A service of Thanksgiving for the life of Alec Clark was held at All Saints Church, Wragby, officiated by the Rev Mark Holden. Alec was born 60 years ago in Louth, part of a farming family.

He grew up in Panton and attended Wragby Primary School before moving onto secondary school in Louth. He knew and loved the local countryside and would be outside in all weathers, understanding the ways of the countryside and enjoyed being involved in rural life. Upon finishing school, he attended Riseholme College to do more studying and in his spare time he enjoyed the chance to do some shooting in the fields. He went on to work for Peats Panton Farms where his father was the manager. He enjoyed his time with his son Phil, always looking to find something different and exciting to do together. He shared his love of animals with Phil and there were many occasions of lambs in the back garden to look after.

He was a very hard working man and over the years became so knowledgeable and skilled. He built up a great deal of experience in driving tractors and other farm machinery. Following his time at Panton Farms, he moved to U.C.S. building work and finally worked for “Bourn’s” for many years. Friends and the community were very important to him and he was always pleased to be out and about seeing his friends at Hemingby and getting involved with various fetes and other such events that drew people together.

Alec enjoyed sport, especially a few rounds of golf with friends, and was a supporter of Tottenham. He was always willing to help and do jobs for anyone. During his illness he stayed with Auntie Mildred who cared for him and he never grumbled. It was with such sadness that family, friends and work colleagues heard of his death. He is survived by his son Phillip Andrew Clark.

Family mourners included: Phillip Andrew Clark (son); Mildred Taylor (auntie); Robert Croft, Clare Croft, Lee Croft, Mr and Mrs Raymond Croft, Bridget Croft, Melvyn Croft, Ann Cusworth and family (cousins).

Names taken at Church: David and Joyce Parsons (acting vergers); Christine Kinnell (also representing Alex Lowe and Peter); Sue Cornish; Jean Wilkinson; Wendy Lowe and Stephen Lowe; Janet Carpenter; Mr L Avison; Mr Height; Kathy Lowe (also representing Brian Steel and John Murphy); Mike King; Phil King; Marilyn Clark (cousin); Grace Clark (auntie, also representing Peter and Sylvia Curtis, David and Pat Curtis, Maxine and Nick Gibson – cousins); John Page (also representing Maureen Page); Ray Boothby; Charles and Faye Bryant (also representing Tim Bryant); Dale Martin; Karen and Ian Thompson; David Howsam; John Walden (also representing Mandy Walden); Paul, Kerry and Elliott; Josie Marshall; John and Denis Edwards; Carol Lowman; Alan Graham; John Epton; Billy Garbutt; John Shepherd; Yvonne and Ian Short; Yvonne and Chris Wilson; Michael Harrison; Chris and Sally Bourn (also representing the Bourn family); Mr and Mrs R Watt; Christine Boryszczuk; Anita and Andrew Camppsill; Deborah and Jamie Wilson; John Harrison (also representing Jill Harrison); Roger Allan; John Wilson; Daniel Simpson (also representing John Hunt); Ian Robson (also representing Jenny, John and Betty Morton, David Cotton, Bet and Pete Kincett); Carol Kisby; Darren Harrison; Kristy Pink; Andrew Campsill; Chris Chamberlin; B Garbutt (also representing C Adlard); Simon Clark; Elizabeth Hardy; Sally and George Edward (also representing Tom and Sue Lightfoot); Mr and Mrs Salmon; Alan Bancroft; Sheila Cartwright (organist); Shaun Wilson; Chris and Mary Ellen; Mr Cunningham; Clive Waterman; Ian Hopper; Robert Ginn; Bill Cattell; Mr and Mrs James Sutcliffe (also representing Nick Norton); Duncan Sharp; J Clark; Ricky Scarboro; Mr and Mrs Rodwell; Tristan Graham; Matthew Cooksey; James Cooksey; Adrian Sawer; Trev Lowe; Simon Desay; John Pickering; Mr and Mrs R Telfor; Glen Macey; Mr and Mrs Stride (also representing Oliver and Paul Slinger – customers of The Coach and Horses at Horsington); David and Jenny Eckford; Trev and Shirley Watson (also representing John Pearson); Tim Beath (also representing Charlotte Beath and Sue Craggs); Nicky and Denis Dowman; Sanita Foster; Simon Foster; John Harrison (also representing Wendy Harrison); Phil Ward (also representing Di Ward, Greg Dixon and David Steel); Michael and Ann Campsill; Lee Wilson; Jill and Tony Statham; Carly and Stuart Dowman; Theresa Grover (also representing Barry Grover); Kerryann Henry (also representing Richard and Sharon Henry); Paul Broughton; William Grover; Judy Spooner; Mr and Mrs Cusworth; Mr T Whitley.

Funeral arrangements were made by Lamberts Funeral Services, Wragby.