Obituary: Alan Mervyn Robinson

Alan Mervyn Robinson
Alan Mervyn Robinson
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The funeral service for Alan Mervyn Robinson, aged 59 years, took place at St Mary’s Church, Claxby.

The Rev John Carr officiated and funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Alan was born and raised at Claxby; he lived and worked in the village all his life.

He devoted his life to farming.

At the age of 12 he went to work at weekends and school holidays for Trevor Lyle at Claxby Grange Farm and, when he left school, he began working there full time.

Over the years he became Trevor’s right hand man and organised the day to day running of the farm and also organised the men working for TL Contractors.

He had worked on many farms in Lincolnshire and was a well known and well liked gentleman.

Alan worked for Trevor Lyle for 45 years, and five years ago was presented with his medal for 40 years Service to Agriculture at the Lincolnshire Showground.

He loved the countryside and animals and at one time he had his own flock of sheep.

He also enjoyed going on holidays, especially cruising in the Mediterranean.

Alan was a lovely man, very caring and always thought of others before himself.

He was always happy with a good sense of humour; when in his company a laugh and joke was never far away.

A devoted husband and father, he leaves wife Christine (Tina) and son Darren.

He will be sadly missed by all his family and friends.

Family mourners were: Christine Robinson (wife); Darren Robinson and Sarah Potts (son and partner, also rep Sean); Mrs P Bennett (sister); Mr and Mrs C Parrott, Mr and Mrs D Favill, Mrs M Robinson and Ray (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law); Christopher Parrott, Mr and Mrs D McWilliam, Mr J Hanson and Claire Mrs and Mrs D Hanson, Mr C Bennett, Mr N Bennett, Rosie Scott, Vicki Bennett and Liam (nephews and nieces);

Mr and Mrs R Mclane, Mr Greg Mclane, Mr Lee Mclane, Mr Ray Robinson, Mr and Mrs C Bates, Andrew Bates, Mr and Mrs L Stothard, Jessica, Emily and Olivia Stothard, Mr and Mrs B Stothard; Paul Wilson, Jean Buckden (also rep the Jacklin Family), Mrs J Jacklin (also rep Terry and the Buffham family), Mrs J Cook (cousins).

Friends in church were: Mr and Mrs P Collins; Tom Collins (also rep Holly); Mr and Mrs N Surfleet; Nicola Surfleet; Mr and Mrs M Armitage; Mr and Mrs J Stephenson; Mr and Mrs T Lyle; Mr and Mrs A Lyle; Mr and Mrs M Bolton; Sadie Richardson (also rep Mr and Mrs H Richardson); Jack Johnson; Reece Johnson; Val and Alf Drury; Christine Riley (also rep Richard); Andy Morrison; Hedley Audiss (also rep Geoff); Mr R Cowling; Rob Gladding; Steve Drury; Terrance Good; Stephen Hill (also rep Christine Hill and RBM Agricultural); Arthur Cooling (also rep Ken Barr); Sarah Rands (also rep Craig Farmery); John Cade; Wayne Hammond; Ian Dawson (also rep Woldmarsh Producers); Stephen Smith (also rep James Smith, Mervyn and Ann Bennett); Julian Cole; The Chuckle Brothers; Michael Owen; Mr and Mrs B Dunn (also rep Mr and Mrs J Gibbons, Jim Drury, Shirley Cade, Mrs Leonard); Tony and Enid Dowse; Ann Storr; Richard Bradford; Mr and Mrs J Burks; Mr and Mrs D Pickering (also rep G Pickering); David Shaw; David Strachan; Brian Steel; Diana Chase; Wendy Lyle (also rep David and Janice Lyle); Michael Lyle; Mr S Cade (also rep G Cade); Jim and Angie Bastow; Mason Cole; David and Maureen Dowse; Alan and Lindy Bristow; Mr and Mrs W Ryan; Paul and Lorraine Ryan; Francis and Donna Mitchell; Brian and Joyce Pugh (also rep Luke); Hazel Hammond (also rep Sunnyside Up); Pat Massey; Peter Robinson (also rep Sally Robinson); Mr and Mrs A Jamieson; Liz Johnson (also rep the family); Jez Clare; Nigel Woodcock (also rep P Woodcock, Mr and Mrs G White); Mr and Mrs R Holbrook; Mrs J Sellars (also rep Peter Sellars); Phil Davies; Bob Howard; Mr and Mrs M Sharp (also rep Mr and Mrs R Brumpton); Mr and Mrs Ian Davidson (also rep Jean and Bill Davidson); Richard Hansard (also rep C R Hansard); Peter Wilson; Heather Morton (also rep the Barr family); Kevin Bartle; Ann McKenzie (also rep Andrew); Trevor Horton (also rep Diane); Mary Horton; Stuart Maultby; Mrs E Holmes; Vic Borrill and Noel (also rep Louth Tractors) and others.