Obituary: Agnes Mary Richards

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-161224-123650001

The funeral service for Agnes Mary Richards, 91, of Market Rasen, was held in St Andrew’s Church, Kirkby cum Osgodby.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Wife of the late Jess and mother of Derek, Pip and Dean, Mrs Richards was also a much-loved grandmother and great-grandmother.

Family mourners were: Derek and Pip Richards (sons); Dean Richards and Bronya (son and partner); Gwen Benson and Rita Davidson (sisters); Beryl and Eric Pickering (sister and brother-in-law); Marie Duke (sister-in-law); Brian and Margaret Duke (brother and sister-in-law); Sam and Colin Kennedy (granddaughter and husband); Graham and Caroline Richards (grandson and wife); Adrian Richards and Chloe, Katrina Swann and Rick, Luke Richards and Charlotte, Amy Richards and Adam (grandchildren and partners); Kirsty Forster and Christian Rodd, Ben and Dawn Benson, Carol and Chris Cooper, Mark and Sarah Benson, Janice Storey, Bob Davidson, Graham and Mary Davidson, John and Mandy Hibbert, Heather Davidson, Sharon Duke, Tracey Duke, Neil Duke, Nigel Duke, Matthew Duke, Pat Williams, Tony and Elaine Richards, Geoff and Angela Duke, Mick and Jacqui Duke, Kevin Duke (nephews and nieces); Emily Benson and Joel Able (great-niece and fiancé).

Friends at the service were: Sadie Tindall; Christine Collins; Mr and Mrs G Fox; John Bennett; Howard Turnbull; Allan Taylor; Kevin Mannion; Myra Mannion; Angela Davis (also rep Mr and Mrs J Thompson); Mr and Mrs M E Thompson; Keith Foster; Jan Foster; Wendy Codd (also rep Sally, John and Andrew); Viv Hildred (also rep Waterloo House); Carol Davison (also rep Waterloo House); D Slawson (also rep M Slawson); Arthur Quibell; Mervyn Shadlock; Mr and Mrs R Smith; Ellen Young; Jack Johnson; Mary Wilkinson (also rep the Wilkinson family); Sheila Robinson; Jean Davidson (also rep Bill and also Mrs Linda Surfleet); Mr and Mrs J Burkes; Karen Taylor and Graham; David Spilman (also rep Pete, Bert and Doreen Spilman); Mr and Mrs Brian Dannatt; Mr and Mrs Furster; Alan Bennett; Vicky Bennett (also rep Emma Bennett); Ann Bennett (also rep Meryvn and also Brenda Coulson); Sandra Hockney; Martin and Polly Havercroft; Ellie Holvey (also rep Adam Holvey); Di Douglas (also rep Nigel Douglas); Mr and Mrs Reg Wakefield; Helen and Peter Cook; Debbie Moore; Michelle Inman; Eileen Wilkinson (also rep Les); Sheila Spice.