North Kelsey news

Planning underway for village’s Jubilee events

A giant picnic is planned, with many attractions throughout the afternoon, including a treasure hunt around the village, memorabilia and flowers in the church, an exhibition of art, craft and hobbies in the Methodist church, games, tug of war and many more attractions.

They are also hoping to have music of the period playing throughout the afternoon, giving people the chance to try dances of the time such as rock ‘n’ roll and jive etc.

All the villagers will be getting a letter soon explaining the day and how to get involved in what should be a memorable afternoon.

WI – It was all about alpacas at the April meeting of the WI, when Mrs C Kirk was welcomed as speaker.

She keeps her herd near Louth, having started with seven animals.

The animals are expensive to buy: an ordinary animal would cost about £400 and a breeder about £2,000.

Talking about breeding, she had the meeting in hysterics as she described taking a rampant male to a female alpaca. He couldn’t wait and proceeded to press Mrs Kirk up against a wall, blowing out his cheeks and spitting green slime all over her. Fortunately, she was able to control him and escape his advances.

The flower of the month was won by Lucinda Coultas, with a hellebore, and Jean Collins won the competition for a stuffed animal with a hand-made teddy bear.

Leila Sutton was the lucky winner of the annual bursary of £100.

President Janet Sheardown gave a resumé of the recent spring council meeting in the Embassy Theatre at Skegness.

This was the final meeting as chairman for Jacqui Cheetham and also Ann Barnes, who was retiring. The audience was interested to see Jacqui’s MBE medal and the clothes and hat she wore to the palace for her investiture.

Jacqui and Ann took over the afternoon giving a presentation with flowers and costumes representing Inspiring Women, such as Emily Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale and Zandra Rhodes.