New weather station for Caistor climate

Caistor news
Caistor news

A new weather station is to be installed in Caistor by Lincolnshire County Council to provide more reliable forecasts to the Met Office.

The town is one of the highest points in Lincolnshire; indeed Normanby Top, just outside Caistor, is the highest point in the county, at 168m (551ft) above sea level.

Richard Fenwick, winter maintenance engineer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Caistor is one of the highest points in the county and over the last few years the local road network has been badly affected by snow and ice,

“It seems to have a micro climate of its own and so we’re going to install a weather station there.

“With a better understanding of the local weather conditions, we can provide a more tailored gritting service.”

The council currently operates nine stations across the county that monitor the county’s weather conditions.

At £20,000 each, they don’t just measure the wind direction, they collate a huge range of information ranging from the level of grip on the road surface, to the temperature at which dew will form on the road.