New focus on more leisure facilities for Rasen area

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A renewed commitment to providing leisure facilities for Market Rasen has been announced by West Lindsey District and the town council.

Currently Market Rasen is home to a private gym and a council subsidised gym and sports centre.

But because the council supported facility is based at De Aston School it is only open to the public during the evenings and certain times at the weekend.

West Lindsey District Council is now developing a strategy to improve leisure provision for the east of the district.

Market Rasen Mayor Steve Bunney told town councillors at a meeting last week that he had met with WLDC officers who realised that the east of the district was lagging behind Gainsborough in the facilities on offer to residents and improvement was needed.

He said: “Market Rasen desperately needs daytime leisure facilities.

“There is a big, big, big demand and that is something I think will be moved forward as time goes on.”

Market Rasen District Councillor Ken Bridger said he too was pushing West Lindsey to take action and improve leisure facilities in the Rasen area.

He said: “I have voiced my concerns. New people moving to the town are disgusted at the lack of facilities here for the size of the place.”

West Lindsey District Council officers say it is still very early days, but they are working on a strategy to provide more leisure opportunities.

Karen Whitfield, area development officer, said: “We are actively exploring opportunities to improve leisure provision in the Market Rasen area.

“We have recently undertaken a lot of consultation with residents and other users of leisure facilities. The information gained is helping us put together a leisure strategy for the whole of the district and will identify future priorities.”