New community pastor scheme comes to town

New Brigg Community Pastor the Rev Alec Depledge.
New Brigg Community Pastor the Rev Alec Depledge.

A new community pastor service is up and running in Brigg offering comfort and support to both residents and businesses in the town.

The service has been initiated by town councillor the Rev Alex Depledge.

The role involves befriending people, offering crisis care, providing spiritual support and supporting businesses through a chaplaincy arrangement, as well as conducting a range of ceremonies.

“Last year I began a process of discussing this concept with strategic people, eager to gauge their reactions,” said the Rev Depledge.

“Church leaders, businessmen, councillors, council employees and friends were drawn into my deliberations.

“I was grateful to hear from them, allowing their perspectives to shape and refine my thinking – and no red light came, only green.

“Consequently, I’m excited to introduce this venture publicly, endeavouring to raise awareness, attract a response, and enable me to start providing a quality service, which I hope will enhance our community’s well-being.”

He has now launched a blog – Community Pastor – describing the initiative at, where his contact details can also be found.

The Rev Depledge has been a free church minister for 26 years and is married to Sue, the Brigg Parish Nurse.

He has also served as the Town Mayor’s Chaplain in Brigg and was for many years Pastor of the New Life Church Group in Brigg.

His non-fee services will include befriending - a friendly face and a listening ear, assuring sympathy and confidentiality; crisis care - support in difficulties, somewhere to turn in time of need; and spiritual support - for those on the quest for meaning and purpose.

Fee-based ceremonies include marriage blessings, renewal of vows, child dedications and funerals.

Chaplaincies will also be available to organisations, businesses and groups on a retainer basis, giving priority claim.