Mystery animal terrorising village cats

Seven cats have required attention by vets after they have been attacked in a Wolds village.

All the cats live at the western end of Ludford and resident Sharon Cordwell has had one of her pets attacked and another go missing.

“All the cats have the same sort of injuries,” said Ms Cordwell.

“They look like they have been mauled.

“My cat also had a large gash in its side.

“The vet said it wouldn’t have been done by a dog and didn’t look like rats either.”

But another village resident may have the answer to what is responsible for the attacks.

She is reported as having seen a black creature - about the size of a lynx - pinning down her kitten in the back garden.

“She heard the sound of cats fighting and went to look and she saw an animal bigger than a cat, but smaller than a labrador pinning her cat down,” added Ms Cordwell.

“The animal then leapt over the fence onto the main road.”

The incidents have been reported to police and to the RSPCA.

A police spokesman told the Rasen Mail they were aware of the incidents and that no reports from any other areas had come in to them.

Meanwhile, Ms Cordwell’s other cat remains missing after more than a week.

Bruce is a long-haired black and white cat and is microchipped.