Murder trial latest: Ex-wife “warned medical staff” about Stewart Greene

Lincoln Crown Court. Library image.
Lincoln Crown Court. Library image.

The ex-wife of murder accused Stewart James Greene has told a jury today (Wednesday November 18) that she warned medical staff he might do something if he was released from a psychiatric unit.

Andrea Greene, giving evidence on the second day of the trial of Stewart James Greene, said she had a discussion about her ex with staff at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre in Lincoln when she learned he was being considered for release.

She said she told staff he was not capable of living on his own and added: “ I said that he’ll do something.”

“It was a young lady doctor. She just said that we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Ms Greene, who was with her daughter Joanne Greene at the time, said: “We just looked at each other and said ‘It’ll be on your head then’.

“I said ‘He’s not capable. You’re just being ridiculous’”

The jury has been told that Greene drowned his grandson Alex Robinson in the bath at the boy’s home in Lincoln after being left alone with him for less than an hour while the boy’s mother and grandmother went shopping for Christmas food.

The incident happened only 11 days after Greene was discharged from the Peter Hodgkinson Centre.

After spending a night at his daughter’s home, Greene then went to stay temporarily at the home of his former wife who told him he could remain at her house until after Christmas.

Mrs Greene, who said she had continued to keep in contact with her former husband since their relationship ended, told the jury that the first she knew of her ex’s discharge from the unit was when he turned up on Joanne Greene’s doorstep.

“No-one told me he was going to be discharged but they had hinted he was going to have to go home at some point.”

The jury was told that Greene attempted to strangle a female psychiatrist at Maple Lodge, a rehabilitation unit at Fishtoft near Boston, three months before the death of Alex.

Dr Jyothi Arayambath told the jury the incident happened after Greene asked if she would change his medication while he was at a rehabilitation unit at Boston.

“He wanted to change his medication. He said his head was going to explode.”

Greene, she said, told her that she wasn’t listening to him then launched an attack.

“I wasn’t anticipating the attack. He was really agitated. He tried to strangle me. I struggled to breathe. He was saying he wanted to kill me.”

She said she passed out and Greene did not resist when other staff pulled him away.

“I think if he had resisted I would probably have been dead,” she said.

Greene, 65, of Danes Court, Grimoldby, near Louth, denies the murder of Alex Robinson on 23 December 2014.

The trial continues.