More people speaking out over speeding

Linwood Road family urge drivers to slow down
Linwood Road family urge drivers to slow down

Another Market Rasen resident is adding his voice to calls for speed limits to be enforced around the town.

Mark Richardson has lived in Linwood Road for the past eight years and says the 30mph limit is not being observed, which has resulted in some near misses.

“On a number of occasions I have pulled out of my driveway and had to break hard as a car comes speeding up the road,” he said.

And Mr Richardson, a father of two, says the 
recent snowy conditions haven’t deterred the speeders either.

“I was out walking my dogs and cars were still speeding past my house although the road was covered with snow,” he added.

But what shocks Mr Richardson more is the amount of town folk who speed along this road.

“There are a lot of people from the town who ignore the speed limits, so they don’t have respect for the town, which is very sad” said Mr Richardson.

“Speed limits are there for a reason.”

These concerns about Linwood Road follow on from other similar issues highlighted for King Street, Walesby Road and Gallamore Lane.