Moo-ving into farm visits and education

Marion Sellars with ISla and Edna EMN-160305-114619001
Marion Sellars with ISla and Edna EMN-160305-114619001

A Middle Rasen farmer is hoping donations will help make her dream of opening a heritage rare breed farm park a reality.

Marion Sellars, who runs a farm in the area, has decided it is time to diversify into running a farm park.

Her plan is to be open in some format by Easter 2017, but her first major project is to get the area securely fenced, which is a major expenditure.

That is why she has turned to a form of crowd funding to help get things started.

“We need about a mile of perimeter fence, we have to make it secure,” said Marion, who gave up her job as an accountant to concentrate on running the farm full time.

“We are looking for sponsorship to help pay for it and have also set up a Go Fund Me account, which we hope people will support.”

The Lincolnshire Rare Breed Farm Park, as it is known, will not only be about looking at the animals. Marion wants it to be an education centre.

She will also be looking to breed native rare breed animals to help preserve them for the future.

“We need to save the gene pool of these breeds,” she said.

“We have already lost so many. The genetics can never be recreated, but we can save the breeds we have left.

“I can’t settle on one breed.There are so many that deserve to be here – that is why I want to set up the farm park.”

Marion has big plans for the proposed business venture, but knows it will be something that has to develop over time.

“We will have the usual attractions – a play area for the children, coffee shop, etc – but we will still be a working farm,” said Marion.

“The important thing is educating people about farming, so we will have trial plots and demonstrations to explain how things work.

“We could open tomorrow with a few pens, but we want to do it properly and make sure the animals are well looked after.

“We know it will take time and we won’t make loads of money, that isn’t our aim anyway. We are just interested in making a living, not a fortune.”

Anyone wanting to support the project should go to and search for Lincolnshire Rare Breed Farm Park.