Mismanagement led to confusion in spending

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IT has been the question on the lips of many people in Market Rasen for years – what was the £4.2million SRB grant money spent on?

Today, 13 years after the project to redevelop Market Rasen using Single Regeneration Budget grant money was proposed, the Market Rasen Mail can provide you with a break-down of where the money was spent.

A West Lindsey District Council report into how the money was spent found that while all the money was spent on the town and surrounding area, there was a “lack of a centralised and transparent management information system”, which “caused a great deal of confusion in terms of being able to track outputs and spend accurately.”

This lack of transparency has led to a number of Rasenites voicing their opinions that the money was lost or misspent.

For the first time, below is how Market Rasen’s £4.2 million investment was really spent.

What do you think?

Was the SRB grant money spent correctly and in the right areas?

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