Michelle Jane Boryszczuk

The funeral service for Michelle Jane Boryszczuk, aged 44 years of Wickenby, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

Michelle was born in Louth and worked as a secretary.

She was involved with the Broadbent Theatre in Wickenby and also the Alzheimer’s Society.

Family mourners were: Steve (husband); Richard and Jackie (son and partner, rep Lydia); Graham and Jess (son and partner); Veronica (mum); Annette (auntie); Rachael, Sharon (sisters); Robert Rusling, Michael Rusling (uncles); Barry Frankish (cousin); Jane Knight (best friend).

Friends at the service were: Simon Knight; Jane Knight; Shaun French; Steve and Mary; Mr and Mrs P Brader; Maria and John Palmer; L and Charlie Downend; Pete Lakin; D Collins; Stuart Trevor; Mr Herrick; Eric Johnson (also rep G Johnson); Mandy Carrie (also rep the Carrie family); Dean Richards (also rep the Richards family and also Polly); Dr Keith Freeman; Jane Freeman; Esther Freeman; Julie Green and Alan Green; L Westman (also rep P Westman); Mr P Thornalley (also rep Mr and Mrs J Cowan); David and Charlotte Broughton; Vivien Watchorn; M Russling; Robert Rusling; Steve Bierlien; Jane Doughty; Ella (also rep Kieran); Joan (also rep Ian and Jay); S Snowden; J Watchorn; Keith and Julia Salmon; Cathy Turner (also rep Da Capo Folk Group); Ray Kitchen; A and S Clack; Sean and Y Bennett (also rep Roly Boulton); Carl and Lesley Stones; Mrs Dobson; Mr Davies (also rep Mr and Mrs Climo); Chris Green; Carl Robinson (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs S Thompson; Leanne Crawford (Market Rasen Mail); Mr and Mrs Snell; Ian Johnson; Alan Pennell; Will Bradford (also rep K and T Bradford); Chris Anderson (also rep Rosemary Anderson); Ruth Elston; T Howard; T and T Dennis; Trevor Brunnenant; M Couling; S and C Boryszczuk; Frank Boryszczuk (also rep Debby); Mr and Mrs Gill-Stafford; Mr Bradford (also rep Noreen); Audrey Ward (also rep Alison Martin, Jacqui Ward, Margaret Howden, Peter Wilcocksen); Kathy Farnworth; Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Brian and Pamela Reaney (also rep Pauline Cave, Sioban Green, Norma Marwood); Jamie Bailey; Mr and Mrs K Frankish (also rep the family); Daniel and Sharon Moore; Christine Newton; Don Westman (also rep Steph, Tom, Joe and Libby); Mr Hewerdine; Rachael (Michelle’s sister); Mr and Mrs Talbot; Paul Halpenny; Samantha and Amanda Halpenny; Martin Havercroft; James and Esther Freeman; James and Jim Cooper (also rep Grace and Vanessa); Rob Underwood; Mark Robinson; Mr and Mrs Willoughton; Kevin Duke; Jonathan Major; Matt Boulton (also rep Ryan Dring); John Burkitt (President of Owmby Cricket Club); Daniel and Brian Denson; Amy Bradford-Lekphed; Gavin Boryszczuk; Aron Boryszczuk; Rebecca Boryszczuk; Lucy Boryszczuk; Robert Boryszczuk; Lisa Boryszczuk; Scott Boryszczuk; Sarah Kelham; Sue Anderson; Kay Anderson; Robert Friend; Miss L Hewerdine; Linda Johnson and Brian; Margaret Taylor (also rep John Taylor); Michael Foster; Sophie Foster; Maureen Twycross; Lara Lovell; Sharon Betteridge; Rachael Gully; Kelly Ward; Mo Brand; Megan Bettany; Adele Maultby; Carl Reeves (also rep George and Michael); Robert Clark (also rep the family); A Frankish; Barry Frankish; Andrew Daubney; Stephen Ward; Russell Froggatt; Mandy Rodgers; John Gilbert; Bob Bailey (also rep Rosy Brumpton); Mick Crowe (also rep Owmby Cricket Club); Annabelle, Jenny and Joseph Hippisley (also rep Lynn Briggs); Cheryl Mumby; Charles Carter; Rakesh Chandar Nair; Yvonne Rowe; Victoria Brown; John Smith; Hayley Child; Gareth Williams; Mr and Mrs Shaul.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.