Michael Anthony Melbourne


The funeral service for Michael Melbourne, aged 73 years of Middle Rasen, was held at St Thomas’s Church, Market Rasen, followed by burial at Middle Rasen.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Michael was born at Gate Burton, Gainsborough.

After leaving school, he served in the Merchant Navy.

Michael spent more than 40 years as a farm worker at Otby.

Latterly, before his retirement in 2011, he worked as a delivery driver.

Family mourners were: Janet Melbourne (wife); Stephen and Tracey Melbourne (son and daughter-in-law); Sarah and Mark Stead (daughter and son-in-law); Charlotte and Stuart Duncombe (daughter and son-in-law); Francesca Melbourne and Matt Horsefield (granddaughter and partner); Joe Stead and Rowan Doughty (grandson and partner); Ellen Stead, Rhianna Melbourne, Emilie Duncombe, Mathilda Duncombe (granddaughters); Marlene and Henry Burton (sister and brother-in-law); Andrew and Pat Melbourne (brother and sister-in-law); Jenny and Jim Goulsbra (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Mark Goulsbra and Tab Berry, Caron and Paul Davies, Jonathan Burton, Richard and Rebecca Melbourne, Jack and Josh Davies (nephews, nieces and partners); Ben and Janet Bradley (cousins); Michael and Lynne Cartwright, John and Sandra Davies, Don McNab (close friends).

Friends at the service were: Keith and Julie Fridlington; Bill Bates; Angela and Eileen Skeats; Margaret Adams; Mr and Mrs D Woodcock; Jan Thurman; Mr and Mrs D Walkley; Mr and Mrs P Scott; Melanie and Chris Brunton; Mr and Mrs N M Cooper; Mr G M Cooper; Mr K Parrott; Joan Zealand (also rep George); Mr G Smith; Margaret and Artie Hawbrook; David and Jacqueline Reed; Mr M Jones (also rep Ann Jones); Jamie and Val Jackson (also rep Sue Tolan); Pat Mossap; Daphne Draine; Bev King; Mrs S Kerridge (also rep Mr and Mrs D Johnson); Mr and Mrs A Cressey (also rep Adrian and Johnathan Cressey); Mrs H Reid; Ray Phillips; Malcolm Smith; Mr and Mrs A Morrison; Christine Young; Wendy Codd (also rep Andrew Codd; Mr and Mrs K Helliwell); Mr and Mrs K Symons; Mr and Mrs J Cade; Barbara Hill; Keith and Eunice Chapman; Jon Garbutt; Paul Thurman; Liz Johnson; Carole Leys; Iain Duncombe; Alan and Kath Burton (also rep Susan Blackshaw); Mr and Mrs A Dowse; Jackie Richards; Sylvia Cade (also rep Charles Cade); Andrew Johnson (also rep Mrs Robinson; Peter Collins); Deborah and Charles Rowland; David Brumby; John Canada; Malcolm Brumby; Lynda Turnbull (also rep Rachael Gladwin); George Bycroft; Mr J Laminman; Graham Smith; Mr and Mrs A Morrison; Steve Cartwright; Mr and Mrs J Cooper; Mr and Mrs J Lamming; Jonathan Major; Betty and Don Burton; Jean and Archie Dodds; Kenneth Hicks; Michael Hicks; Mr and Mrs Reynolds; Chris and Wendy Riley (also rep Stuart Dawson); Mr and Mrs D Clark; Christopher Padley (also rep Jon Padley); Amy Hall; Mick Stanley; Stephen and Charlotte Fussey; the Rev David Post (also rep Helen and Michael Robinson); Norman Palmer (also rep Morris and Gillian Rollinson); Mrs J Philpott; Ann Hall (also rep Arthur and Stuart Maultby); Paul Streets; Mandy Carter (also rep Mark, Brenda and John Carter); Betty Pyttlik; Mrs E Parkinson; Barbara Smith.