Meet the ladies with 400 furry feline friends

Sam Waters of the Lincolnshire Cats Trust with some of her residents
Sam Waters of the Lincolnshire Cats Trust with some of her residents

Jain Kidd and Sam Waters receive cats and kittens from all over the country.

The pair run the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats and say people drop off unwanted pets after finding it online.

The charity began in 1999 when the firm Jain reared calves for went bust.

The trust in Mill Lane, Osgodby, is one of only a few in the country, as when people Google cat and retirement home, the Lincolnshire Trust will appear.

“The recession hasn’t helped with people moving into rented accommodation and dumping pets,” explained Jain.

“Half of the operation is also a retirement home for cats because of the demand. If someone has died the family cannot always take the cat. “There’s a one-off fee and the cat can stay here for life,” she said.

The retirement home has three sitting rooms, with settees and chairs, as they would find at any good home. They are heated too.

New arrivals are tested for cat flu and other illnesses and are then neutered and vaccinated. Some cats are aged in their 20s.

The trust has 1,000 members, mostly in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, many of whom will be visiting the trust’s annual Open Day on September 6.

The event will include many stalls, plus donkeys, sheep shearing demonstrations and food.

The Open Day, which runs from 11am to 4pm, attracts 1,000 people, and will raise £2,000 an hour, but “it costs £250,000 a year to run this place.”

While the trust also find homes for cats, you cannot pick one up on the day.

“People get emotionally carried away,” Jain said.