Meet the fire fighting PCSO who loves life

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No one can accuse Kim Boyles of not putting something back into her local community.

The 30-year-old is a volunteer PCSO, and a retained firefighter.

She also finds the time and energy to be a civilian worker with Lincolnshire Police.

She’s been a PCSO based at Market Rasen since 2014. Now, she’s switched to Wragby.

That fits in nicely, because she is also a retained firefighter at Wragby.

Throw in the fact Kim was educated in Louth and she knows her ‘patch’ better than most.

Kim, who could also be pounding the beat in Horncastle, admits she is not the type of person to sit around with her feet up.

She loves the daily challenge of her busy life.

She says: “Every day is different and you are never quite sure what’s going to happen.”

Kim is usually ‘on call’ with the fire service on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate weekends.

When the pager on her belt sounds, she has to dash to the fire station within 10 minutes.

She is one of only three retained firefighters at Wragby, which presents something of a headache. They need four people to make up a crew.

Kim explains: “We’ve got two people on the sick but there are another two who start their training next month.

“It would be great if more people came forward. It is a great job,”

Her hours as a PCSO depend on her own commitments and demands on the police.

She plans to get out-and-about in Wragby, meeting as many people as possible.

Kim is never sure what a working day will entail.

She recently received a letter of commendation for helping a little girl give a statement after she had been raped.

Kim explains: “I’d come to the end of my shift when the call came in. It was about ten at night. I was happy to stay on. There were no other female officers around.

“It was heartbreaking listening to what the little girl had to say. It was difficult but it was also rewarding because I felt I could help.”