Meet Market Rasen’s ‘Calendar Girls’...

Market Rasen's Calendar Girls
Market Rasen's Calendar Girls

Brave mums inspired by the Calendar Girls have bared all to make Market Rasen’s very own nude fundraising 

Ten women aged 30 to 45, who all have children at Market Rasen Football and Cricket Club, posed with various sporting accessories in “strategic places”.

All of the pictures were taken either inside or outside of the club - in the score box, behind the bar and on the tractor used for mowing.

Football mums Eleni Quilter and Karen Aistrop came up with the Calendar Girls ideato raise money for the club - and it was not long before other mums were on board.

School administrator Catherine Fussey, 45, from Newton by Toft, posed for the February shot.

She said: “We just thought it would be a bit of a laugh and create interest in the club.

“We rely on fundraising. We’re always trying to come up with ideas and don’t know anyone in the town who has done this before.

“You didn’t have to be completely naked, you could wear flesh colour underwear.

“Some brave ladies went topless.

“It was all very discreet, we did it very tastefully.

“One of the mums had a great camera so she took the pictures.”

The women - Karen Aistrop, Catherine Fussey, Eleni Quilter, Diane Hawke, Emma Dimmock, Sara Smith, Heather Janney, Amanda Boylan, Kerri Paul and Kate Miller - have a month each and November and December are group shots of the ladies.

Catherine said: “It’s been a good laugh making it.

“If it goes well and people are interested I think we’ll try and encourage the men to do it next year.”

The ladies have a stall to sell their calendar at the Christmas market in Festival Hall on Saturday.

“We’ll be fully clothed on Saturday,” said Catherine.

Alternatively, you can get a calendar by e-mailing Calendars cost £6.