Mary Rose Goulsbra

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The funeral service for Mary Rose Goulsbra, aged 86 years of Market Rasen, was held at St Thomas’s Church.

Mary was born in Llanymynech, Shropshire.

She undertook farm work and spent her time as a housewife.

Mary also spent time in the Land Army.

Family mourners were: David and Rita (son and daughter-in-law); Desmond and Loraine (nephew and wife); Shirley and Jack (niece and husband); Lisa Norman, Gail and Ian Jones, Dawn and Becky Pipes-Gouslbra and Noa (also rep Caleb and Eli), Karen Goulsbra (rep James and Harriet) and Harrison Everton (rep Anthony and Sianna) (great-nieces); Frances Raisbeck (sister); Ann and Frank Thomas, Philip and Vicki Raisbeck (niece and nephew); Vic and Mervyn Edwards, Sandra, Richard, Owen and Lilymay Lawrence (nephew, great-nephew, great-niece); Marj Squires (rep John Squires, Julie and Susan, niece and great-nieces); Colin and Olga Lodwick, Mark and Keith (nephew and great-nephews); Les and Olwen (nephew and wife); Doris and Bill Galley (rep Grace Hubbard), Vera and Wilf Hankins, Brian and Angela Hankins (rep Jenny Major), Dee Shaw (family friends).

Friends at the service were: Mr B Rowett; Mrs M Kelham (also rep J Kelham); Mrs J Rhodes (also rep Nancy Bamford); Mrs Hendry (also rep Charles Hendry); Mrs B Langley (also rep R Brunton); Mrs Wright; Mrs K Waring; Mrs H Waring; Mr and Mrs J Winton; Mr and Mrs J Goulsbra; Mrs J O’Brian; Mrs R Hubbard; Mr and Mrs K Blanchard; Mr R Parrott (also rep Mavis Brant); Mr G Parkinson (also rep the family); Mr H Rodger; Mrs H Harrison; Mrs M Hubbard; Mr A Hubbard; Mrs J Bryan; Mrs J Towns (also rep Mrs A Richards); Ian and Jane Lupton; Enid Dowse (also rep Kay, Bev and Abbey); Mr and Mrs B Ward; Ian and Jessie Mawer; Sally Fox; Matt Hubbard; Lynne Brooks; David Deller (also rep Audrey); Mrs C Marshall; Mr J Charles; Tracy Duke (unable to attend); Brenda Beacock (unable to attend).