Marvel-lous donation goes to auction

Oxgam comic auction
Oxgam comic auction

A MARKET Rasen charity shop is hoping to cash in on a ‘Marvel’-lous donation.

Staff at the town’s Oxfam shop have received one of the biggest and potentially most valuable donations they have ever seen.

An unnamed donor took in 17 boxes of comics to the shop and, realising their potential worth, the staff have been eagerly awaiting their appearance at a specialist auction this week.

The collection, totalling more than 3,500 comics, features issues of The Avengers, Hulk and The Thing, as well as some more obscure publications, each varying in value from £1 to hundreds of pounds.

“The shop team is so grateful to the young man who brought the comics into the shop,” said Pamela Clarkson, Oxfam’s Market Rasen shop manager.

“We have been carefully researching the comics that we received and saw a Fantastic Four comic, very similar to ours, go on Ebay for £978.

“I am sure the Green Lantern comics will be popular too, with the new film coming out.

“We are really hoping that we get a good price for our lots in the auction, but even if they went for £1 each, we would still make £3,500 which is a fantastic amount for any charity shop to receive from one single donation.”

And this timely donation comes just in the run up to Oxfam’s Bookfest, which runs from July 2 to July 17, when events and exhibitions will be happening in Oxfam shops and bookshops across the county in a celebration of all things literary.

This year’s theme is local history and at Market Rasen there will be competitions and book exhibitions on local history and the history of cookery.

But, of course, the shop hopes to have made its own piece of local history by then.

The comics were presented as seven lots at the annual toy auction, which took place at John Taylor’s Auction House in Louth yesterday, Tuesday.

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