Marking 102 fantastic years of Grace

Grace Brumpton
Grace Brumpton
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Grace Brumpton, who lives at Greenacres Care Home in Caistor, has reached the remarkable age of 102 years.

Grace was born on November 2nd 1910 at Harpwell, near Gainsborough and was the youngest of seven children.

She grew up on a farm and worked the land, including the Smith’s crisps estate at Nocton.

She married Edgar Stanley and moved to North Farm, Middle Rasen where she lived until 2009.

Daughter Wendy said: “Mum is a wonderful lady and is a grandma and great-grandma.

“She loves plenty of cups of tea and Cadbury’s chocolate.”

When Grace was six years old her mum asked her what she would do when she grew up to which Grace replied: “Live to be 100.”

Her daughter June stayed in Middle Rasen when Grace moved to Greenacres and continued running the family farm with her husband John Clark.

They themselves have three sons, Simon, Robert and James.

Since being in Greenacres, Grace has received exceptional love and care by proprietor Alan Shepherdson and the carers.”

Having lived under 19 different prime ministers, from Asquith to Cameron, 
Grace has seen a lot of changes over the years, but at heart always stayed a country girl.

A tea party for family and residents was held to celebrate Grace’s birthday.

Grace is pictured here with daughter Wendy Beszant (right), Alan Shepherdson and Greenacres carer Samantha Colby.

Here’s to many happy future birthday.

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